2010 Luxury & Style News Archive (105)

  • First Powerboat Submarine Hybrid Nears Production

    After years in development, the world’s first Powerboat Submarine Hybrid is soon to be put into production. When completed, the Powerboat Submarine will be available for a cool €3.5m.

  • Georgio Armani hotel opens in world's tallest building

    World class Italian designer Giorgio Armani has opened a brand new luxury hotel inside the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the tallest building in the world.

  • Icelandic Volcano DNA Watch by Romain Jerome

    Romain Jerome has innovated some of the most unique items in the luxury market to date in the remarkably exclusive DNA Range. Romain Jerome has now taken original natural elements from the Icelandic...

  • Hublot F1 King Power Watch Revealed During the Chinese...

    After being chosen as the official watchmaker for Formula 1, world renowned Swiss company Hublot has released the F1 King Power, charged with racing inspired designs.

  • Nautilus VAS Submarine - Underwater Luxury

    Superyachts are able to journey over oceans to the farthest reaches of the globe; now the new Nautilus VAS private submersible offers the opportunity to travel to the greatest depths in complete...

  • Montblanc Unveil Personal Coded Ink

    Montblanc have recently launched an accessory of such individuality any high net worth individual can not be without. An individually coded ink to prevent fraudulent signatures.

  • Venom Design - Superyacht Toys with More Bite

    Superyacht owners who prefer toys and tender with a more personal touch are now being offered 'creative solutions' to provide a customised look and state of the art appliances, giving the luxury...

  • Aznom Wine Chiller - A Party Essential

    For those who like to entertain, be it cruising around the Mediterranean or in a luxury apartment, wine or champagne are essential. Now the perfect party accompaniment has been discovered.

  • New Macbook Air Supreme Ice Edition

    Apple has always been a brand of high quality machinery and now the new Macbook Air Supreme Ice Edition from Stuart Hughes has given the Macbook Air a new edge.