Notes From The Editor

Week Commencing 17 December 2012

The Middle East’s status as an increasingly important market for the luxury sector will be reinforced next month when Dubai plays host to the inaugural edition of the World Luxury Expo.

Taking place in the ultra-ostentatious Burj Al Arab hotel, the invitation-only event will see some of the world’s biggest luxury brands descend on Dubai. We report on the eagerly-awaited expo in today’s newsletter.

Elsewhere this week, we bring you a stunning video of the new Maserati Quattroporte Sedan set to debut in the US next month. The sixth generation of Maserati’s four-door model, it is hoped that the new Quattroporte will ramp up sales at a time when Maserati is striving to keep up with fierce competition from rival brands such as Porsche.

There’s also news of a stunning new luxury resort set to open in Mauritius, as well as a truly ground-breaking plan to build an undersea eco-resort in Fiji.

If that’s not enough, we feature an impressive new range of classic car-themed accessories currently on sale at London store Selfridges, a stunning new timepiece by Franck Muller, a report on a star-studded party that recently took place at the Hublot boutique in Miami, and an extension of Fabergé popular Treillage Collection with a host of new trinkets.

Enjoy our newsletter and have a great week.