Notes From The Editor

Week Commencing 19 December 2011

The car industry has always been a particularly resilient sector of the luxury market In spite of the global economic downturn, the desire and willingness to invest in luxury cars has remained strong throughout recent years.

Perhaps the clue is in the word ‘invest’. Buying inexpensive cars can often prove a false economy, with repair and maintenance sending your costs spiralling. Paying top dollar for a car is no guarantee of nothing going wrong, but gives you a far better chance.

It’s for this reason that German cars continue to dominate the market, and it was no surprise to see three compatriot Teutonic brands leading the 2011 car sales in recently released figures. In this week’s newsletter we report on this enduring trend, and the battle between three German heavyweights for the top spot.

Elsewhere this week, we feature a commemorative, limited-edition book on Michael Jackson. The book has accomplished something unique by inviting readers to contribute to its pages with their own memories and stories of the “King of Pop” – and the result is something beautiful, both as a piece of artwork and a tribute.

There’s also a report on one of the most eagerly-anticipated auction sales of 2011. Elizabeth Taylor accumulated a stunning collection of jewellery and fashion over her legendary lifetime, and when she died earlier this year it was not long before speculation began over the value of her pieces. Now we know – and the results were staggering.

There’s also features on a brand new timepiece from Panerai, stunning new pocket knives from luxury brand William Henry, news of a collaboration between Mercedes and Ducati, and kitchen furniture from iconic designer Philippe Starck.

And as this will be our last newsletter before Christmas, let me take this opportunity to wish you all a wonderful festive period. Happy Christmas!