Notes From The Editor

Editors Comments: Week Ending 09/01/2015

This week we offer a look into the incredible journey our team took through the Pacific Northwest for our Destination In Focus. Published in Yachts International, the trip took us across the stunning region in order to discover the best North American yacht builders, the best ports and the reason why this is one of the most up and coming destinations in the world.

After flying into Vancouver Airport in Canada, the team headed straight toward Steelhead Marine to take a look at a product which rarely hits the headlines but is incredibly important in a yachts operation. The craftsmanship of the high-tech cranes at Steelhead is impeccable, with a friendly team whose unprecedented knowledge has helped master building these cranes from scratch.

This was just the first stop on a long journey which then led to Westport Yachts in Westport, USA. The amazing build team all came from the local area and cared for their work as much as they cared for their home. This family of craftsmen all have years of experience under their belt, and watching them work on a number of projects gave us a raw insight into what will eventually become an extremely luxurious product.

It was then time to head toward Seattle to experience a city we had been hearing a lot about from the yachting community. Visiting the Port of Seattle’s Bell Harbour Marina, the team experienced what it was like to be in the centre of a young, up and coming bustling city, whilst surrounded by luxury yachts. From Bell Harbour, you can see the skyline of Seattle, the NFL and MLB stadiums (home to the Seahawks and the Mariners) and the world-famous Space Needle which welcomes you from your boat straight into an amazing city.

In Seattle we also had the opportunity to visit Salmon Bay Marine Centre and Elliott Bay in order to understand how well the region is equipped for superyachts travelling to Pacific Northwest.

The team then drove down to Vancouver, Washington State near Oregon to visit Christensen. The scale of the operation which is going on at Christensen alone was enough to report. This is a full capacity yard with yachts at all stages of production from beginning to close of delivery. It was great to see the workers put their skills into practice after being on board a few Christensen yachts on the water.

After seeing what Christensen is doing, the team then drove all the way from Vancouver to the San Juans to visit Cap Sante Marina - the entrance marina to the stunning San Juan Islands. This is a marina which welcomes yachts to fill up, relax and prepare before heading into the islands; allowing us to witness trees and mountains and just a taste of the San Juan Islands. Cap Sante Marina is a growing operation which is putting a lot of attention into bringing more superyachts to the marina and investing in the community - a fantastic place to start a journey before heading north into Canada.

The team then travelled back to Canada, with the view that the Pacific Northwest might be the most picturesque place we’ve been to in our travels. It’s laid back lifestyle, culture, food and wines, paired with undisputable scenery, makes this the best option for anyone who has visited the Mediterranean for years and yearns for something different.

Yachts like Serene, Kobo and A have been known to head up to the area and more and more large yachts are coming into the region. This is a tell-tale sign that the Pacific Northwest will be one of the number one cruising grounds in the next few years thanks to everything from great ports, outstanding builders, beautiful scenery and an unbridled opportunity to adventure into the wild.

We would like to thank everyone who supported us in our travels and look forward to watching this destination grow as we continue to cover its development.