Notes From The Editor

Editors Comments: Week Ending 11/01/2013

Stunning new photographs of Venus emerged this week, marking the delivery of the 87th largest yacht in the world and acting as a headliner for a legion of exciting reports from across the world.

Not only did the news of Venus’ delivery and maiden voyage across the Atlantic grab the attention of the media this week, but a more inspiring story of humanitarian aid in Fiji also sought to widen the world’s perspective on what people involved in the superyacht industry can truly achieve.

Working with YachtAid Global, Fiji Red Cross, DISMAC and a list of charities, Big Fish - the world revered explorer yacht from McMullen & Wing - embarked on a voyage to Lautoka, Fiji to provide aid to those who were suffering from the catastrophic Cyclone Evan. A force of nature which forced more than 11,700 people to evacuate their homes and head for evacuation centres.

Fiji is a major hotspot for the superyacht community, and whilst superyachts visiting a remote destination can provide an economic boost, they can also provide aid to areas which more conventional vehicles may find difficult to get to quickly.

I have spent a lot of time this week running around the country and speaking to the most revered designers in the UK about the positive effects the industry has on global economy. The reason for all of this will become clear next week, but it struck me that this is an industry ready to pull together to change opinions.

The superyacht industry is a major contributor to the world economy, providing thousands of jobs for skilled individuals across the world, creating more economically beneficial investment opportunities for HNWIs, providing a boost for remote destinations, keeping rare skill sets in existence, and now, providing aid to people in need across the globe.