Notes From The Editor

Editor's Note: Insights & Announcements from the MYS

Activity from the famed Monaco Yacht Show has already started to emerge following the sale of AMELS' largest yacht project to date. The Dutch yard's first collaboration with Espen Oeino, the sale of the hugely voluminous 78-metre superyacht project is a key signifier of this year’s success.

However, as we continue to publish interviews from across the show, we’re learning more and more as insights and exclusives uncover new ways of approaching the yachting market; as well as that market’s own changing landscape.

Tony Browne, Marina Director of Porto Montenegro, joined us in the Breaking News Centre to discuss the increase shift of owners heading from West to East to explore the thousands of islands across the Croatian and Montenegrin paradise.

While on the subject of destination, we spoke to Charles ‘Buddy’ Darby to bring ourselves up to speed on the Christophe Harbour development, and how acting as a platform for yachts in the Caribbean has also brought forward a chance to offer relief to the surrounding areas following two major hurricanes.

Moving from America to Europe, Bob Denison and Paul Flannery explained how the intricate and ethical brokerage values of the Florida Yacht Brokerage Associate-turned-International Yacht Brokers Association is bringing high-value professionalism across the Atlantic.

Philippe Briand explained how the world of sailing is facing a drop, while the motor yacht market is on the rise and the multi-hull experts behind Galaxy of Happiness also joined us to discuss the rise of the tri-maran.

More insights are available across our interviews section, but with new projects - including a prepared look at our exciting new video project - are coming very soon, so stay tuned to for more insights and exclusives in the very near future.