MYS: Stateside Trends with Westport

MYS: Stateside Trends with Westport

Daryl Wakefield of Westport joins us at the Breaking News Centre to reflect and discuss how things are changing in the landscape of Westport. As new owners begin to come into the fold and the new-build market thrives more than ever before, we gain an insight into the emerging trends and fresh new approaches to remaining the ultimate contenders across the superyacht sector.

Starting his interview with a positive message about the yard's current situation, Daryl stresses that they're even perhaps too busy; a great note on which to begin the second day of the MYS.

He elaborates, discussing the changing American market and making a bold statement about the recently observed growth, "I think it's become a lot more acceptable to display your wealth... somewhat driven by the administration - like it or not!"

Daryl continues, discussing the projects currently in-build at the yard, introducing what he calls the "bread and butter stuff," including the 112 that's currently undergoing some tweaking and styling and a couple of 125s. While he maintains the shed is indeed busy with and both a 40 and 50m too!

Indeed, it's the reliability of the Westport product is the reason clients keep returning and why they hail as one of America's most popular yards to date. "It's a predictable product," the president notes, "there's enough of them out there, there's a history, there's a resale... it's a safe investment." 

But despite the fantastic growth, Westport doesn't operate without some challenges, Daryl discloses, "Our biggest challenge is our customers are out-growing us. They're wanting bigger than we're offering currently!" 

So what exactly does the future hold for the yard? It's no surprise that to meet customer demands, there are already plans in place to expand into larger yacht building and we expect to see Westport introducing a large product shortly. 

To watch the full interview, tune into the video above. 

I think it's become a lot more acceptable to display your wealth... somewhat driven by the administration - like it or not!
Daryl Wakefield - President, Westport