Charter Yacht Germania Nova Crew

Germania Nova

Germania Nova

Length: 59.74m  (195'11"ft) / Guests: 10 / Built: 2011

Germania Nova Crew

  • Justin Holvic
    Justin Holvic
    Justin holds the highest grade Norwegian Master marine certificate. Justin has spent his life at sea, in the Norwegian navy, long line fishing with his family North of the Arctic Circle and on yachts both power and sail. His last command was a gaff cutter from 1908 which he sailed for two years including around The Horn and to the South Pacific. Justin sailed several yachts with John Bardon, He also sailed together with Romy, Laura. Justin lives near Barcelona and takes his family skiing in Norway.
  • John Bardon
    John Bardon
    Relief Captain
    A working life spent at sea and mostly in sailing vessels of all types from square rig to fore and aft rigged schooners, cutters and many others. A graduate of the time before electronic navigation when we were often uncertain where you were and ever sense in your body was used to fix your position. When not at sea he lives in the mountains in the South West of Mallorca with his family on a farm with some animals and a lot of olives.
  • Sebastian Delamothe
    At a young age Sebastian was introduced to the World of fine French dining by working alongside his grandmother in her restaurant. Food has always been of central importance to him since those days. It is his passion which he follows enthusiastically working in various restaurants exploring and learning about the World`s cuisines.
  • Charlotte (Charlie) Morris
    Charlotte (Charlie) Morris
    Head Stewardess
    Charlotte has been around the sea for as long as she can remember with it being a large part of her family life this along with a passion for travel has made the yachting world a natural path for her to follow. Charlie’s enthusiasm and the pride she has in her role ensure’s a happy and professional service ensuring all guests have a relaxing and carefree cruise. Charlie is an active person enjoying all manner of sports and can on occasion can be caught dabbling in her creative side and welcomes the opportunity to give a hand on deck as well.
  • Eloise Crofts
    Second Stewardess
    Eloise developed her love for the sea growing up in the Mediterranean Island of Cyprus. A keen scuba diver and sailor she was always either in or on the water. Her bubbly personality will ensure you have a fun and enjoyable stay on Germania Nova.
  • Catherine (Cat) Lamond
    Catherine (Cat) Lamond
    Massotherapist/Yoga Instructor
    Onboard Germania she can fulfill her loves of sailing and yoga, she is French American with native Amerindian ancestory. Catherine trained as a Masseuse and is also trained in Yoga Thai Massage, Swedish Massage and Sports Massage, in fair conditions she can also guide you through a daily on board yoga sessions or yoga on the beach. Catherine also has a chalet by the 16 Island lake by Mont Tremblant in the wilds of Canada so she brings peace and calm to the regular hustle and bustle on board.
  • Adrian Mula
    Adrian Mula
    Adrian was born in Antigua, and started sailing at a young age. Progressing through dinghy classes, both teaching and racing. His Uncle runs the Admirals Inn in Nelsons Dockyard so a dinner ashore in the Inn can be easily arainged. Following his passion he moved from wealth management to professional yachting in 2010. He has sailed the Mediterranean, Caribbean and US waters in addition he has done several Atlantic crossings.
  • Victor Torres
    Victor Torres
    Lead Hand
    Victor came from the training scheme in Mallorca called Jovens Navigants. He has been on board Germania for over 2 years and enjoys his life on the high seas. He is lighter on his feet than he looks and is very strong and is the one that we turn to when we need a little extra weight. He is good company and has fitted in well with the rest of the crew in spite of the age difference.
  • Brian Russell Bonham
    Russ was born in Athens, Georgia and spent most of his childhood playing football and competing in gymnastics. He served for 8 years in the US Marine Corps and discharged at the rank of Sergeant. After completing his Bachelor degree in Political Science and Sociology he discovered Germania Nova docked on the river in Savannah. Russ has now joined Germania on a full time basis and is enjoying the new challenge that the sea will bring.
  • Jessica Michelle Lee Hewson
    Jessi was raised in British Columbia and studied Chemistry at University of British Columbia. Her family are avid waterskiers and she fell in love with the water at a young age. She has volunteered in Ecuador for a non profit organization that helps educate impoverished children. During this time, she also discovered a love of travelling. Jessi is looking forward to discovering new places on the water with Germania Nova.
  • Christian Starmer
    Deck Engineer
    Christian was part of the original crew that commissioned Germania Nova in North West Spain. Christian joined as messman but graduated to deck where he proved himself a quick learner in the skills of a sailing ship hand. Christian rejoined the yacht this Spring after eighteen months away widening his experience in other yachts.
  • Ronald Penaflorida
    Ronald is the son of Romy and is very keen to follow his father’s example and sail around all the corners of the world’s oceans. Ronald has predominantly been brought up in Mallorca but has also spent some time in the Philippines during his childhood. He has been active in the Parkour community of Spain and is studying Krav Maga martial arts. He is multi lingual and is fluent in Spanish, Catalan, Tagalog and speaks good English and is studying Russian through an internet course.
  • Romy Penaflorida
    Romy Penaflorida
    Romy is another that has spent a life at sea. He was eighteen years as the Chief Engineer on the three masted gaff schooner Shenandoah. He has rounded the World four times and been around Cape Horn three times. If something is broken and Romy cannot fix it then it cannot be fixed. John, Justin all sailed with Romy on Shenandoah. The only time I have ever seen Romy looking worried was when the fuel froze in the tanks of Shenandoah after being storm bound up a fjord in South Georgia for a couple of days.
  • Glericio Rizalde Junior aka Jun
    Glericio Rizalde Junior aka Jun
    Second Engineer
    Is a Jack of all trades and has studied Dragon Martial arts. He worked in New Zealand for 5 years in the construction industry where he downhill skiing every winter when he had the opportunity. Germania Nova is Jun’s first crew position on a yacht and he enjoys seeing new places.

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