Virgin Gorda Luxury Yachting Itineraries

From Virgin Gorda to

3 Days

With a name originating from the landscape’s resemblance of a reclining fat lady, it’s rest assured that if you find yourself floating around in the surrounding Caribbean waters of the North Sound, you’ll be just as relaxed she is, in no time.

  • Day 1
    The Baths of Virgin Gorda

    The Baths and Devils Bay of Virgin Gorda are simply mesmerising. Full of boulder and caves, the snorkel spot is truly unique.

  • Day 2
    Dive the Famous Wreck of the Rhone

    Pull in at Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour and then set off on an underwater discovery diving the famous wreck of the Rhone. Ulike planted wreckages, the authenticity of the RMS Rhone creates an eerie atmosphere in which divers can almost feel the century-old ship come to life. A firm favourite amongst experts and visitors alike, you’ll be free to explore RMS Rhone alongside the multitude of underwater creatures that weave their way through the ship’s once magnificent caverns.

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  • Day 3
    A Regatta Race Extreveganza

    The Loro Piana Regatta race organised and hosted by the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda, takes place over four days in the sapphire waters of Virgin Gorda, welcoming owners of exquisite yachts, as well as an array of spectators, yacht enthusiasts and residents of the islands. With an impressive fleet of participants, competing yachts are divided into four classes, with start times staggered to offer courses as challenging as they are breathtaking. From the latest technological yachts to sensational vintage masterpieces, each and every model unites in a thrilling performance than fuses precision, power and agility.

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