Aegean Islands Luxury Yachting Guide

Island beauty at its most idyllic, the Aegean Islands are a wash of startling whites and ethereal blues. A stunning array of sophisticated beachfront bars and activity-filled beaches bordering on tranquil bays and sunset views, this transcendent collection of islands draw discerning travellers from all corners of the globe.

Lying invitingly between the coasts of Greece and Turkey, the Aegean Islands are made up of four smaller chains that occupy their own glittering expanse in this majestic sea.

Perhaps the most famous of all is that of the Cyclades, home to the white-washed, blue-domed buildings of picture-perfect dreams. Blessed with a rugged, almost barren beauty, the islands of the Cyclades boast the most opulent of resorts and elegant of restaurants, most of which are found on the glamorously flamboyant Mykonos and the honeymoon heaven of Santorini.

East of these monumental marvels are the charming atolls that comprise the Dodecanese Islands. An extraordinary mix of historical treasures and thrilling activities, the 12 major islands that sit in the southeast part of the Aegean Sea are some of the most culturally and geographically diverse in Greece. Rhodes is undoubtedly the most popular, where water sports abound and the nightlife positively shines.

Northeast Aegeans
The northeast Aegean Islands are a genuine taste of Greek living, their position far from the mainland preserving their authentic heart. Much of the coast is still hugely untouched, and hiding some of the Aegean’s most picturesque beaches, it makes them perfect for sailing exploration. Day trips venturing inland produce stunning scenes of rolling valleys and rustic mountain villages not found in the other island groups. With such rich vegetation, it is no wonder these green lands are home to quality olives, grapes and honey that make for delicious local cuisine.

Off the north eastern shore of Greece lie the unpolished Sporades Islands, proudly washed by some of the bluest and cleanest waters one is ever likely to see. Unsurprisingly, these unspoilt islands are home to beaches considered some of the best in the Mediterranean, and exploring the waters by yacht presents countless opportunities to drop anchor at delightfully secluded bays.

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