Aeolian Islands Luxury Yachting Guide

Once a secret Mediterranean escape for enlightened island-lovers, the seven volcanic gems that form the major Aeolian Islands are finding it difficult to keep their captivating beauty a secret. Alluring thermal resorts, water sports and glowing beaches make these small paradises yachtsmens' havens.

The unique beauty and character of each individual island has seen the entire chain listed on the UNESCO’s World Heritage list since 2000. Cruising the waters in this unspoilt part of the world affords limitless opportunities to discover and explore this remarkable chain of islands in your own time. Each has something different to offer, and whatever you desire from your holiday, the Aeolian Islands will proudly and undeniably provide.

The floating gems of Lipari, Vulcano, Salina, Panarea, Stromboli, Alicudi and Filicudi lie north off the coast of Sicily, stretching between the looming presence of Mt Etna and the frightening beauty of Vesuvius above Naples.

Lipari is the largest and most focal of the islands, with the grandest restaurants and most vibrant after-dark scene. Nestled between two harbours, Marina Lunga and Marina Corta, Lipari is also the name of the main locality, boasting the generous Ponente Beach, framed by the enchanting ruins of medieval castles and towers. Running off the main town are the smaller villages of Canneto, Acquacalda, Quattropani, and Pianoconte, while Corso Vittorio Emanuele occupies the town centre. While not being noted for their beaches due to their volcanic nature, the Aeolians still boast some beautiful bathing spots. Canneto features Spiaggia Bianca, where sun-worshippers can spend a gloriously leisurely day relaxing on the white sands.

Vulcano is Lipari’s close neighbour and like its name would suggest, is famous for its volcano, the Gran Cratere, which continues to emit clouds of sulphurous gas. The volcano provides the island with amazing natural mud baths, unrivalled in their pure benefits for the skin.

Panarea is the smallest of the islands, and as the luxury heart, beams with exclusivity and quiet elegance. Timeless hotels and gracefully relaxed bars occupy the romantic island, where delicious cuisine and spectacular views are bountiful. Anchoring off Panarea allows for perfect exploration of the island’s many dazzling bays by day, and immersion in its animated evening scene by night.

Stromboli, with its active volcano, is not surprisingly the most remote of the islands. In a constant state of mild activity, spectators can also catch the spectacular sight of fiercer eruptions, creating lively fireworks against the darkness of the night sky. The amazingly deep waters surrounding the island also offer a fabulous selection of dive sites, where scuba enthusiasts are drawn by the diverse marine floor.

While lesser known, the lush, mountainous island of Salina is the second largest island and makes for a perfect escape from the bustling vibrancy of the main islands. The flourishing wildlife makes for an invigorating walk before returning to lunch on your yacht or a lazy swim in the calm waters. The island is home to an alluring collection of bays and capes offering perfect swimming conditions. Pollara in particular is well-worth discovering, created by a beautiful underwater crater, it lingers with a wonderfully meaningful atmosphere.

Filicudi and Alicudi
To the west, Filicudi and Alicudi continue to preserve their original wildness, but make wonderful anchoring spots to enjoy a quiet lunch, private swim or simply sit and enjoy the true beauty of the Aeolian Islands at their most pure.

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