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For unforgettable evenings away from the yacht deck, delve into these fabulous dining options, delicious sundowners, and unique adventures.

Albergo Ristorante Da Pina
Enjoy the elegance of Panarea from one of its most enviable locations, and dine under the pergola at Albergo Ristorante Da Pina, located on via San Pietro. Eating at this exceptional spot is an all-or-nothing affair, where wine is served only by the bottle, but after sampling the extensive wine list, there won’t be any complaints.

Hotel Raya
Located amongst the charming elegance of tiny Panarea is the surprising Hotel Raya, home to the famous open-air Raya nightclub. With enviable views of the Stromboli volcano, a night spent dancing and sipping cocktails at this opulent, well-dressed club is pure style.

Stromboli Volcano
To admire the frighteningly beautiful power of nature’s own fireworks, a trip to the Stromboli volcano is a once in a lifetime adventure. Each night the activity of the island reaches its most unruly, and lucky spectators can witness the humbling site of molten rock, ash and magma being thrown high into the night sky.


An awe-inspiring site to be enjoyed either from the quaking island itself, or perhaps more favourably, from the comfort of your own yacht. The mild hike to the top of the crater is best attempted in the late afternoon and should take about three hours. Guides are required if you wish to climb the mountain.

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