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For a day spent ashore, these are the places to be pampered, the shopping districts to delve into, the activities to indulge in, and the gourmet treats to discover.

Geoterme Vulcano
Being so close to the rare mud baths on Vulcano, indulging in a specialist treatment at the island’s thermal resort of Geoterme Vulcano is a temptation worth giving into. Discovered 30 years ago, Geoterme Vulcano has managed to harness the therapeutic properties of the Vulcanian mud pools and increase their ground area to create a distinctive and therapeutic spa experience.

Located in the open air, the mud baths are surrounded by sandy hill, providing comfortable protection as you immerse yourself in the healing warmth of the mud. Where you slide in depends on whether you desire soothing relaxation or an ailment to be treated, but the continuous flow of hot gases from the volcano’s active centre always ensures the sterility of the mud.


The Aeolians are not renowned for their designer boutiques and fashionable shopping avenues, but instead offer excellent handmade treasures.

Salina in particular boasts finds such as finely crafted furniture with intricately detailed woodwork, and tiny, expertly carved replicas of the islands, which are well worth the price you will pay for such a rare possession.


Rinella, a delightful fishing hamlet on the southern coast of Salina, provides eager fisherman with the perfect spot for pulling big game fish from the azure waters. Easily caught are horse-mackerels, anchovies, sardines, Pesantoni, saddled bream, Ope, and swordfish, making Rinella a fish-lovers paradise. Fish from your own yacht or head ashore with a local fisherman to learn the ultimate places to cast a line, or for a more local method, try your hand at spear fishing.

Located on Lipari’s Piazza Mazzini, the classy Filippino is the most famous of all the islands’ restaurants and has attracted the likes of Sting and Naomi Campbell with its stunning views and unrivalled seafood specialties. Don’t be fooled by Filippino’s seemingly humble décor, this century-old family-run restaurant offers decadent Italian cuisine at its finest, all served on the lovely jasmine-scented terrace. Be sure to reserve in advance.

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