Andaman Islands Luxury Yachting Guide

Picture-perfect and delightfully hard to spot on the map, these unassuming slices of indulgent discovery are the perfect coastal hideaway. The little-known Andaman Islands are an oasis of beauty and isolation in the Indian Ocean, transcendent in crystal waters, sublime beaches and spectacular coral gardens.

Although part of India, the Andamans are geographically closer to Myanmar and Thailand, and the influence of all three cultures is richly reflected in the islands’ thatched-roof bungalows and intensely-flavoured cuisine. The Bay of Bengal is home to the group of over 550 islands that are slowly drawing more beach-loving privacy-seekers to their remote shores. United in history and tradition, the islands are inhabited by ancient tribes that remain some of the world’s most traditional and make a trip to this part of the world truly eye-opening.

Covered in tropical rainforest, only four of the Andamans are inhabited and all are practically untouched by any form of foreign influence. Parakeets, emerald doves and fairy bluebirds fill the airspace with noise and colour, blessing the islands with a strangely poetic and romantic atmosphere. This fantasy island chain can be perfectly explored by private yacht, sailing the romantic waters on an island-hopping adventure that can include anything from first-class snorkelling and barefoot walks to indulgent massages and sunset drinks.

Havelock Island
Havelock Island is the most developed, sprinkled with a few luxury resorts and one of Asia’s best sandy stretches in Radhanagar Beach. The main town of Port Blair is home to modern restaurants set alongside gorgeous rainforests and pristine beach.

Little Andaman
For a heart-stopping elephant safari, Little Andaman is not to be missed, worth a day trip for its blindingly-white beaches, bewitching waterfalls, rich rainforests and top surfing. The island is also an ideal place to see four of the world’s seven species of sea turtles nesting on the warmth of the beaches.

Andaman Islands

Andaman Islands

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