Antalya Luxury Yachting Guide

Regarded as the gateway to the Turkish Riviera, the golden city of Antalya rests along a glittering bay of the same name. Backed by the imposing peaks of the Taurus Mountains and endowed with pearly beaches stretching for miles, this is a gorgeous resort town with one foot on either side of the divide, sophisticated yet intensely traditional.

Enjoying year-round sunshine, the Antalyan coast is a truly blessed region. The sun shines nearly 310 days a year and the land it falls upon is immeasurably beautiful. Tropical plants flower abundantly along the coastline which is skirted by sugary beaches of white and gold sand. The crystalline waters that fill the bay of Antalya are translucent and teeming with life, which can be explored offshore or starting from a favoured secluded beach or private cove.

Streams run from the sky-scraping heights of the Taurus Mountains down to the cobalt waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The Antalyan region is a beautiful area, drenched in sun and offering numerous outdoor activities, growing all the while into a burgeoning area of exotic sophistication and indulgent luxury.

Setur Antalya Marina
The town of Antalya is split into several sections, starting with its quaint marina, Setur Antalya Marina. Shaded boulevards bordered by silver-tinged palms lead from the water and into the old quarter known as Kaleiçi. Composed of narrow winding streets, antique wooden buildings and preserved Roman-Ottoman edifices, there is also a Roman harbour at the waters-edge.

Surrounding Areas
The area around Antalya is very fertile, with forests of oak and pine, cotton plantations and prolific groves of banana and citrus. The beautiful landscape is the perfect backdrop for trekking and hiking, while other activities abound within the Antalyan region. To the north lies the town of Saklikent, a lovely resort for winter sports lying on the rugged slope of Bakirli Mountain. For abseiling enthusiasts, Güver Canyon is a fantastic destination to explore. An astonishing 115 metres deep, canyonists will also enjoy this breathtaking natural attraction. Naturalists will adore the wildlife that call Düzlercami Park home: innumerable deer and mountain goats wander the grounds of this remarkable reserve.

The Antalyan region is awash with rivers, seas and waterfalls, the most famous of which is the Upper Düden waterfalls, which intrepid explorers can walk behind, a thrilling experience. The Lower Düden waterfalls plunge straight into the sea by way of Lara Beach, a lovely stretch of pristine sand and gentle waves. Konyaalti Beach is the quintessential pebble beach, charming and secluded while offering dazzling views of the imposing Taurus Mountain range. For panoramic views, the top of Tünektepe Hill can’t be beaten.

Antalya Area Information

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