Antarctica by Day

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Discover the brave new world of Antarctica...

For a cruise with a sense of excitement and discovery, take a luxury expedition to the ‘Lost Continent’ and experience breath-taking sights, brimming with life.

The exciting possibilities of an Antarctic exploration via superyacht or helicopter can give you experiences such as visiting dry valleys, bathing in inland volcanic waters, visiting scientific research centres, seeing ancient volcanoes and hiking around one of the most original and beautifully untouched locations in the world.


Just some of the most captivating places to visit in the Antarctic include some of the areas stunning islands and rockeries, teeming with fascinating wildlife and surrounded by awe-inspiring ice cliffs and carvings.


Cuverville Island
Popular with wildlife expeditions, Cuverville Island is a renowned Gentoo Penguin rookery where you can anchor offshore and observe one of the world’s most intriguing and characteristic animals in the wild, surrounded by stunning iceberg formations and Leopard Seals.


Half Moon Island
Just North of the Antarctic Peninsula lies Half Moon Island, an area which plays host to a large Chinstrap Penguin rookery; ideal for visiting during late December or early February to see crowds of adorable baby Penguins.


Paradise Harbour
For those with a real sense of adventure, venture ashore and take a hike to the high grounds of Paradise Harbour and take in the sweeping, panoramic views of the gleaming white and blue world that will take your breath away.


Whale Spotting
If you’re lucky, you could experience seeing one of the world’s most amazing and humble creatures. Specimens such as the Orca, Sperm, Humpback and the famed Blue Whale can all be spotted around the Antarctic. These sightings are usually at their peak around February and March, the Antarctic version of late summer where receding pack ice allows ships to explore further south.


During the southern hemisphere summer time, which takes place over a five-month period from November to March, Antarctica has 24-hour sunshine.



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