Antigua Luxury Yachting Itineraries

A collection of hand crafted itineraries

  • 7 days
    Anguilla to Barbuda

    Although all included as part of the same chain, each island in the Leewards is a spectacular destination of its own; boasting a variety of landscapes, bays, beaches and atmospheres. Each offers a different culture, cuisine and lifestyle that makes each individual spot well-worth a visit. From the chic French flair of St Barths to the tranquil isolation of Barbuda, sailing amongst the Leeward Islands can be both relaxing and invigorating. For a longer stay, extra days are easily spent relaxing on any one of the islands.  Read Full Itinerary

  • 8 days
    Barbados to Barbados

    For a Caribbean itinerary that combines the sultry atmosphere of Barbados with all the beauty and glamour of the Windward and Leeward island groups, this eight-day journey is an unforgettable adventure. Including yachting hotspots and more unknown island refuges, this itinerary visiting a sprinkling of the region’s best offers just a glimpse into what it has to offer. From the legendary island of Antigua to the quiet charisma of Iles des Saintes, visitors to these Caribbean islands will find wonderful beaches, friendly towns, and absolute boho-bliss. Read Full Itinerary



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