Antigua Nightlife

Antigua After Dark...

As the sun goes down, Antigua comes alive with glittering casinos, gourmet restaurants as well as sophisticated bars and nightclubs.

Dickenson Bay

This premier evening hotspot features the Rush Evening Entertainment Centre, offering a trendy piano bar, bustling casino, a sports bar and an upscale restaurant to perfectly compliment a long day at the beach.

St. Johns

The beautiful coast of St. Johns is where the parties take you into the small hours of the night, showcasing an array of DJ’s, live bands and a whole range of cocktail choices. Outdoor dining and live entertainment are rife for the more active evening plans, however the option of the C&C Wine House is always prevalent for the more sophisticated evening.

English Harbour

During the bustling winter evenings when the idyllic surroundings and temperature enchant your evenings, English Harbour is filled with luxury yachts, alfresco dining and bars full of good spirit. Elegant restaurants transform themselves into trendy outdoor nightclubs and evening parties with steel-bands, reggae, soca and calypso music play into the night.


For those that enjoy evenings imbued with sophistication and the occasional flutter, Antigua’s casino’s offer all of the excitement and glamour of an evening in Vegas. Three major casinos dot the island, King’s Casino of St. Johns in Heritage Quay, Madison’s Casino at Runaway Bay and the Grand Bay Casino on Dickenson Bay; all offering a taste of the high life after dark with champagne bars, entertainment and the full spectrum of high and low stakes gambling.



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