Antigua by Day

Daytime activities across Antigua...

Take the time to discover the true experience of Antigua’s breathtaking tropical surroundings in the day, whether it is relaxing with cafés, spas and shopping or seeking out the countless adventures of Antigua.

Antigua offers an astounding 365 stretches of stunning, white sand beaches set against the lush greenery of the island and the tranquil blue ocean, dotted with looming palm trees and idyllic places to relax for a few hours before your adventure into Antigua.


For those with a sense of adventure, visitors can make full use of the crystal clear waters by snorkelling or SCUBA diving into a world of exotic fish and pristine coral reefs. You can even pet, feed and swim with stingrays in the middle of the calm blue shallows.


Comprised of two separate clubs, the Cedar Valley and Jolly Harbour Golf Clubs, Antigua offers an unrivalled golfing experience over two 18-hole championship courses to accommodate golfers of all skills with palatial clubhouses.

Island Safari
The opportunity to hop in a comfortable 4X4 Land Rover and experience a rugged, off-road journey around the Island can be taken through the numerous Island Safari tours, offering a chance to truly get to grips with the beautiful sights of Antigua.


Antigua Rainforest Canopy Tour
Take the ‘leap of faith’ with Antigua’s series of Full Challenge Courses which propel you across the rainforest on a zip-wire and test your balance on a series of rope-bridges, offering unparalleled safety and state-of-the-art equipment for the more adrenaline fuelled journey around the island for all the family.

Nelson’s Dockyard National Park
Nelson’s Dockyard is a haven for boats and luxury yachts, surrounded by beauty and steeped in the history of Admiral Horatio Nelson and the Royal British Navy. Nelson’s Dockyard is renowned for its beautiful beaches, countless historic military fortifications, and breathtaking views alongside marina’s, restaurants, bars, café’s, boutiques, and a Museum.

Day Trips to Barbuda
Easily accessible from Antigua with a number of ferries, Barbuda offers pink and white sand beaches which stretch out for miles, the Codrington Lagoon National Park which offers a rare display of Barbuda’s wildlife and eco-system and a number of charted shipwrecks, ideal for SCUBA diving.


Offshore Islands
Antigua boasts a beautiful array of offshore islands, surrounded by a wealth of stunning coral reefs. One of the main attractions is Bird Island, a short trip offshore to immerse yourself in the quiet surrounds, a place where you can be by yourself in the week to enjoy true peace and relaxation.

At Hells Gate you can find an incredible coral and limestone bridge, formed over millennia whereas Rabbit Island acts as a home to breeding colonies of Pelicans which raise their young in nests dotted across the tranquil location, clearly visible for passing visitors.

Home to the rich and famous, Long Island is closer to the north shore, playing host to Jumby Bay, an exclusive and recently refurbished Rosewood Resort which is renowned for its high levels of luxury.

Boat trips, including speedboat, catamaran and deep sea fishing tours also allow you to enjoy the tranquil and tropical surroundings of Antigua on the water as well as in it.



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