Argentina Luxury Yachting Guide

A voyage to Argentina is a trip into the chic heart of Latin America and a journey to the world’s wild and extreme end all rolled into one exquisite destination. Occupying a large slice of South America’s southeast, the brilliantly bold Argentina is hard to miss.

From the luscious greenery of the Misiones Rainforest to the end of the world in the Tierra del Fuego, Argentina is a land of passion, colour and irresistible charisma.

Buenos Aires
On the northeast coast sits the romantic capital of Buenos Aires, laced with a tiny splash of European charm that sees open-air cafés spilling onto neat boulevards and leafy parks surrounding buildings of grand architecture.

Inviting locals, exciting football chatter and the jazzy sounds of tango however ensure this compelling city keeps a distinct Latin personality behind its lavish exterior. This stylish city is also where you will find South America’s premier museums, theatres and art galleries as well as designer boutiques and cutting-edge fashion displays.

Far in the south is the attractive town of Ushuaia in Tierra del Fuego which carries the gripping feeling of being at the end of the earth. It sits on the southernmost tip of Argentina on the shores of the Beagle Channel; the gateway to Antarctica. The port in itself is a scenic masterpiece, framed by dramatic mountains and icy peaks.

Surrounded by easily accessible beaches and islands, Ushuaia is ideally explored by yacht and grants lucky travellers an opportunity to view a part of the globe few others ever get to see. A cruise through the Beagle Channel is an excellent way to explore South Georgia Island and get close to penguins, cormorants, seals and other unique wildlife of this arctic environment.

Lying off the west coast are the spectacularly fresh islands of the Falklands; over 740 atolls dominated by immense skies, endless pristine coastline and truly captivating wildlife. Cruising this amazingly compact group of islands is an opportunity to view nature beyond wildest imagination and rare wildlife in its most natural habitat. Step ashore and wander the smooth, crisp beaches or hike through tussock grass atop jagged cliffs.

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