Athens Luxury Yachting Guide

Athens is an ancient cradle of life where the rich traditions of the old world meld seamlessly with a modern sophistication in a unique cultural patchwork that is sumptuous and inviting. Within this historic region, exquisite boutiques intermingle with local taverns where cognoscenti and locals alike taste the exotic delights of this sprawling metropolis.

Home to one of the seven ‘wonders of the world’, the bustling city of Athens offers innumerable opportunities for excitement and adventure. Currently undergoing a radical urban renewal, its former reputation blackened by crime and unrest is completing the final stages of a magnificent transformation.

Though it isn’t as polished as some of Europe’s most vaunted destinations, Athens is well on its way to the heights of cosmopolitan sophistication. A vibrant and vital metropolis, this ancient bastion of history and culture can manifest itself in as many different identities as there are opinions.

This oldest European city is a heady mix of vibrant street life and sumptuous lifestyle where houses of ill repute have been revamped to attract the jet-set elite and premier restaurants titillate and enrapture. Enjoying a thriving nightlife scene that kicks off late, dinner starts around 10pm while nightclubs don’t begin to pulse until 1am.

Ancient Sites
Though it is home numerous sites of historical interest, the queen of Athens has always been the goddess Athena and her world-renowned temple, the Parthenon, is an unbelievable sight. Strategically placed at the highest point of the city known as the Acropolis, this ancient marble edifice has watched over the evolution of society for over two thousand years. For a breathtaking view of the Parthenon as well as Athens proper, take the funicular from Kolonaki up Mt.Lycabettus at twilight to enjoy an awe-inspiring panoramic view tinged with a gentle violet glow.

City Districts
Beneath the omnipresent Athenian sun, all pleasure pursuits are possible.

Syntagma Square
Syntagma Square is the heart of Athens where the government and ministry buildings are located. A breath of fresh air is available nearly the whole year round in the lush oasis of the verdant National Garden.

Fashion Centres
Fashionistas will want to meander the streets of the historic triangle of Plaka, Thission and Psyri, where ateliers, boutiques and luxury department stores hold court.

High-end Pursuits
For up-scale recreation, the districts of Marousi, Melissia, Vrilissia and Kifisia are the best in the city. The perfect end to a long afternoon is a late lunch or pre-dinner cocktail in Kolonaki, the district of choice for the Athenian elite.



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