Australia Luxury Yachting Guide

Drenched in sunshine and revelling in an enthralling beauty that reaches from the depths of the outback to the glimmer of the coast, the sprawling island nation of Australia is wild, proud and defiantly individual. From beachside barbeques and open-air cinemas to sporting festivals and rooftop bars, Australia is enriched with an irresistible outdoor spirit.

Overflowing with iconic destinations that bask in the country’s infectious laid-back style, it is no wonder Australia continues to remain an enduring favourite for sport, adventure and natural wonders. Beaches are more than a spectacular blend of sand and sea in this colourful country; they’re a lifestyle and inhabit every piece of Australia’s coastal character, from the boho fashion of the locals to the delicious seafood cuisine served in waterfront restaurants.

Ranging from secluded unspoilt stretches of glowing white sands to towel-strewn golden paradises and rough surfing havens, beach-lovers will never be disappointed here. Diversity reigns supreme in this huge island nation, where a cruising itinerary can encompass an amazing range of sights not found anywhere else in the world.

From the stunning coral reefs of Queensland, to the spectacular waterways of New South Wales and the crocodile-filled waterholes of the Northern Territory, Australia is a truly unique yachting experience.

On the northeast coast is the sunshine state of Queensland, blessed with glorious weather and a truly magical array of sights that make it one of the most incredible yachting destinations in the world. Most amazing of all is the Great Barrier Reef, an absolute masterpiece of colour, character and marine life that simply has to be seen to be believed.

Bordering on this spectacular region are the luxurious Whitsunday Islands, shining with beach-glamour and first-class resorts. Further south is the laid-back river city of Brisbane, and the glittering playground of the Gold Coast.

World-famous Sydney is a must-see destination; a beautiful harbour city bursting with iconic sights, gorgeous beaches and a vibrant after-dark scene dripping in sophistication.

Australia’s other cosmopolitan centre is the dramatic Melbourne, a rich tapestry of culture, fine dining, designer shopping and sporting grandeur.

Far below in Tasmania is a different slice of Australia, where the peaceful sailing town of Hobart proudly displays a historic heart rich in brilliant greens.