Bahamas & Caribbean Luxury Yachting Itineraries

A collection of hand crafted itineraries

  • 7 days
    56 Miles
    Tortola to Tortola

    The British Virgin Islands offers an enchanting region of undiscovered beauty, making it an ideal island escape. From the world-class diving off Salt Island to the virtually deserted beach paradise on Anegada, an itinerary voyaging through the BVI combines some of the best underwater scenery with magnificent dining spots. A week spent sailing amongst these offshore gems feature a blissful balance between adrenaline fuelled activities and peaceful relaxation.  Read Full Itinerary

  • 8 days
    80 Miles
    St Thomas to St Thomas

    Blissfully close to each other and with superb navigation, the Virgin Islands make for a premium yachting destination. Encompassing the best of the US and British Virgin Islands, this one week itinerary offers the best above and below the water of these wonderful Caribbean destinations. From the luxurious haunts of St Thomas to the remarkable Baths on Virgin Gorda, a trip to the sheltered bays and calm waters of the Virgin Islands is almost vital. Read Full Itinerary

  • 7 days
    Anguilla to Barbuda

    Although all included as part of the same chain, each island in the Leewards is a spectacular destination of its own; boasting a variety of landscapes, bays, beaches and atmospheres. Each offers a different culture, cuisine and lifestyle that makes each individual spot well-worth a visit. From the chic French flair of St Barths to the tranquil isolation of Barbuda, sailing amongst the Leeward Islands can be both relaxing and invigorating. For a longer stay, extra days are easily spent relaxing on any one of the islands.  Read Full Itinerary

  • 6 days
    96 Miles
    St.Lucia to Grenada

    For a Caribbean itinerary that encompasses both the delights of the coast and the luscious explorations of the rainforest, the Windward Islands are an ideal choice. Including both well-known and more secretive islands, this five day itinerary offers just a glimpse into what this alluring chain has to offer. From the tiny but scenic St Lucia to the truly exciting Grenada, visitors to the Windwards will find peaceful seclusion, pristine beaches, warm translucent waters and eco-adventures.  Read Full Itinerary

  • 7 days
    New Providence / Nassau to New Providence / Nassau

    Amongst the many islands that make up the sailing paradise of the Bahamas are the Exuma Islands, a long stretch of exotic isles surrounded by sapphire sailing waters that have made the area a favourite spot for those seeking diving and snorkelling opportunities. From the bustling heart of Nassau to the peaceful and often deserted out-islands, an itinerary encompassing the Exuma Islands in the Bahamas is guaranteed to be one of rest, relaxation and pristine natural beauty.  Read Full Itinerary

  • 7 days
    194 Miles
    Abaco Islands to Abaco Islands

    Among the many islands that make up the sailing paradise of the Bahamas are the Abaco Islands chain and the spectacular Eleuthera. For a vacation featuring warm swimming conditions, captivating marine life and fine seafood cuisine, a week spent among these isles will not disappoint.  Read Full Itinerary

  • 5 days
    Cayman Islands to Cayman Islands

    A real naturalist’s paradise, any time spent in the Cayman Islands is sure to include a generous serve of first-class diving, interesting wildlife and laid-back evenings. The islands are famous among scuba divers for good reason and the waters surrounding the islands are the main reason discerning travellers arrive at the shores. From the entertaining offerings of Grand Cayman to the quiet escapism of Little Cayman, a few days spent amongst these Caribbean islands makes for a perfect family getaway.  Read Full Itinerary

  • 7 days
    New Providence / Nassau to Exuma Islands

    From endless pineapple fields to white- and pink-sand beaches to secluded coves and miles of coastlines, Eleuthera & Harbour Island define The Bahamas. Read Full Itinerary

  • 8 days
    Fajardo to Fajardo

    Encompassing all the secluded sanctuary of Puerto Rico, this itinerary is an eight day journey to the rustic towns and picturesque beaches of this Caribbean nation. From the deserted beach-front relaxation of Isla Culebra to the bizarre beauty of Bahia Mosquito, a trip to this intriguing region of the world guarantees peaceful anchorages, beautiful beaches, and captivating snorkelling galore. Read Full Itinerary

  • 7 days
    Providenciales to Providenciales

    Famous for its wonderful diving and peaceful, pristine beaches, the yachting hotspot of the Turks and Caicos is a justifiable favourite. With waters simply overflowing with captivating dive sites and islands offering unique experiences, an itinerary encompassing these underwater delights and on land activities is guaranteed to impress. From the bright hum of Providenciales to the diving heart of French Cay, this Caribbean adventure is for dive-enthusiasts, sun worshippers and naturalists alike. Read Full Itinerary

  • 8 days
    Barbados to Barbados

    For a Caribbean itinerary that combines the sultry atmosphere of Barbados with all the beauty and glamour of the Windward and Leeward island groups, this eight-day journey is an unforgettable adventure. Including yachting hotspots and more unknown island refuges, this itinerary visiting a sprinkling of the region’s best offers just a glimpse into what it has to offer. From the legendary island of Antigua to the quiet charisma of Iles des Saintes, visitors to these Caribbean islands will find wonderful beaches, friendly towns, and absolute boho-bliss. Read Full Itinerary

  • 5 days
    Montego Bay to Kingston

    As one of the world’s most jovial and relaxed island’s, it is no wonder an itinerary exploring the Caribbean nation of Jamaica is all about sun, sea, and good times. For those keen to fill a few days with atmospheric towns, sun-kissed beaches and an ultimate feeling of relaxation, Jamaica makes for a first-class destination. From the beautiful city of Montego Bay in the north to the southern sights of Port Antonio, sailing the island of Jamaica is ideal for both experienced and first-time sailors. Read Full Itinerary

  • 1 days
    Providenciales to Santo Domingo

    It may be one of the lesser-visited islands of the Caribbean, but the Dominican Republic (DR) is no less spectacular in soft beaches and stunning scenery. Offering a glimpse into a relaxed world-of-old, the DR is scattered with coastal towns and pretty anchorages sure to impress even the most hardened of yachtsmen. From the exciting town of Puerto Plata to the laid-back traditional charm of Boca Chica, there is something for everyone on this relaxing week-long adventure. Read Full Itinerary