Bahamas Nightlife

Discover The Bahamas By Night...

These gorgeous verdant isles become shrouded in mystery and intrigue once the curtain of night falls. Whether the siren song calls you to dine in a flame-lit cove at the waters edge, dance beneath the dazzling canopy of stars, or chase the flaming sunset as it tracks across the sea, the Bahamas is sure to enthrall and enrapture.

Evening of Culture
For a flamboyant end to a glittering tropical day, bring a traditional Bahamian story-telling group aboard to entertain and titillate. Enthralled by fire dancers, native tall-tales and voodoo exhibitions, the night will slip away while you savour the rich sesame flavour of local benny-cakes.

Sunset Sail
Sail around Paradise Island in order to experience the Bahamas most dramatic sunsets: a sight not soon forgotten.




For a journey into the heart of experimental Pac Rim cuisine, look no further than Nassau’s Moso. With an extremely knowledgeable staff to guide you through the menu, it will be an experience to remember as you sample new twists on old Asian favourites.

The Rock House
The showpiece of Harbour Island, The Rock House Restaurant enjoys a favourable notoriety. Serving a simple menu of international cuisine, the restaurant sits on a covered terrace overlooking the water, and is decorated in a cozy albeit chic style.


Bimini Road
Bimini Road on Paradise Island is a lively option for sunset cocktails: the young staff is expert, producing consistently delectable drinks and serving them to a crowd thick with yachtsmen and locals alike.

Pure Nightclub, located on Nassau, is the islands newest and most exclusive hotspot. Elegantly designed and attracting a chic young crowd, Pure is the best venue to enjoy the lovely tropical nights into the early hours of the morning.