Bahamas by Day

Explore The Bahamas By Day...

The Bahamas are a rich, diverse affair to be savored with genial inhabitants, flamboyant festivals, spicy traditional cuisine and the opulent beauty of the landscape. These are the places to be pampered, the sights to see, the shopping districts to delve into, the activities to indulge in, and the gourmet treats to discover.


To truly embrace the vibrant culture of the Bahamas, bring some of the revered local craftsmen aboard in order to better explore the native interests: a straw-worker can illustrate how they intricately ‘plait’ the fibrous sisal plant to create innovative tropical bags and hats, while a touted chef can prepare the traditional fresh or ‘cracked’ conch, rock lobster or ‘pigeon’ peas & rice.


Kamalame Cay
For a secluded restorative, sail to Kamalame Cay and take up residence at Kamalame Cove’s island villa. This 7,500-square foot peninsular manse is exquisitely private and enjoys three breath-taking vantage points, and is surrounded by silver-fringed palms and diamond-white beaches. Amenities include a heated pool, full house and kitchen staff and 4 elegantly appointed bedrooms. This is the ultimate in tropical hideaways and is an experience to remember.


Musha Cay
If you feel the need for a bit more breathing room, Musha Cay is available as a holiday destination. Suitable for up to 24 people, this 150 acre island comes with a whole host of amenities: a staff of 30, tennis court and equipment for every possible water-sport or activity. Guests can choose to stay in the stately Manor House, thatched-roof Beach House, the two smaller Guest Villas, or the sprawling Beachside Villa. A truly exclusive hedonist’s paradise.


For the best beaches in the Bahamas, the general consensus points towards the secluded pink-sand beaches of Harbour Island.


Shopping in the Bahamas offers a huge diversity of goods: from premier labels to local crafts, anything and everything can be found if one knows where to look.


Nassau, being the most popular and developed of the Bahamian islands, has a vast array of shops. Cole’s of Nassau is a chic purveyor of fine goods, with Calvin Klein, Pucci and La Perla on the shelves. Cartier and Fendi have their own boutiques, and all are located within a few minutes of each other.


Feed sharks by hand (clad in chain-mail, of course) on Nassau and Grand Bahama, or calmly step back on Stella Maris on Long Island to watch a feeding frenzy take place a few feet away.


Sport-fishing in this area offers challenges enough for even the most advanced of fisherman, and the ‘big blue river’, as the locals call it, is teeming with trophy specimens.


For golf enthusiasts, the Lucayan Golf & Country Club is the oldest in the Bahamas. Designed by Duke Wilson, with a golf school operated by Butch Harmon, play a sedate 18 holes on this stunning Grand Bahaman course.


Grand Bahama’s best-kept secret is the Ferry House restaurant, serving colourful culinary creations of freshly caught seafood and the highest quality of meat. With a casually elegant atmosphere, the Ferry House is a local favourite with good reason.