Balearic Islands Luxury Yachting Guide

Composed of 4 main islands and numerous islets, the Balearic Islands are the ultimate haven of Mediterranean tranquility. Bolstered by a halcyon climate, this breath-taking archipelago is home to a multitude of pearl-white beaches, waters of a luminous azure, and genial inhabitants.

Enjoying excellent weather with more than 300 days of sunshine annually, it is easy to see why so many travellers have been loath to leave at the end of their vacations and have made the Balearic Islands their permanent home. Each of the main islands, and diminutive islets, have a personality all their own, as well as unique cultural attractions and landscapes. The Balearic Islands offers so much more than just sun, sea and sand: this is the ultimate Spanish island destination.

Equipped with an island guaranteed to suit even the most finicky holiday-maker, the Balearic Islands are truly the crown jewels in the crown of the Mediterranean. Divided into the Gimnesias, which includes Menorca and Mallorca, and the Pitiusan Islands of Ibiza and Formentera, the Balearic Islands offer a diverse and exclusive refuge from the banality of day-to-day life.

Mallorca & Menorca
Mallorca is the senior island, with mountain scenery ideal for trekking along with the ubiquitous Mediterranean seaside towns and beaches. Though fairly well developed, there are many hidden pockets of Mallorca in which to shelter your self from the bustle of busy tourism.

With isolated coves and pre-historic monuments scattered throughout the island, Menorca is a serene shelter from Mallorca’s rampant tourism and Ibiza’s notorious frenzy. As a protected biosphere reserve, the flora and fauna that are spread abundantly throughout the island vastly outnumber its people. The solitude and gentle beauty of Menorca will astound and enrapture you.

Ibiza & Formentera
The island of Ibiza, widely popular for its club scene, offers excitement and a rare splash of urban vitality in this calm quartet. Though its reputation for crazed nightlife is indeed true, one half of this stunning island is covered in gorgeous pine forest and offers a multitude of lush idylls and serenity

Formentera, Ibiza’s diminutive sister island, is too often included into Ibiza’s madness, when it is a supremely bucolic, replete with white sand beaches and graceful sunsets. This small island has resisted development and though you may be hard-pressed to find A-list hotspots and restaurants, the peaceful seclusion of Formentera will soothe and relax even the most harried traveller.

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