Barbados Luxury Yachting Guide

Considered the most charismatic of the Caribbean islands, Barbados is a sultry, extravagant paradise. Enjoying a seductive climate the whole year round, it’s effortless to settle into the soothing rhythm of island life. Boasting sugary white-sand beaches, some of them wild, untouched and thick with craggy rock formations, there is a seascape for everyone.

A British dependent for over 350 years, remnants of colonialism still linger and have become engagingly entwined with the rich cultural identity of the native people. The towns of Barbados are dotted with Colonial houses and plantations dating back from the 17th century, creating a stately backdrop to the vibrant West Indian culture. This is truly an enclave of plenty, bursting with vigour and a dazzling landscape waiting to be explored.

This is an island thick with tradition and though every day on Barbados floats in tranquillity, Sundays are the one exception. Once a week, the streets of every town and village fill with brightly-attired churchgoers rigged out in their Sunday best: little boys in stiff breeches and babies adorned with their best bibs. The sight of these vivid parishioners thronging the main thoroughfares and bringing traffic to a halt is one that should not be missed and won’t be soon forgotten.

Serving spicy West Indian favourites, the bulk of Barbados’ top restaurants are found in the lovely fishing villages spread along the sand and rock of the rugged coastline. Though it doesn’t enjoy the prettiest name, Holetown offers an amazing collection of culinary experiences.

With some of the most varied and gorgeous sights in the whole of the Caribbean, Barbados is truly an adventure-paradise. A hike to Harrisons’ Cave, a series of lush grottos filled with glorious waterfalls and dripping stalagmites, is not to be missed. For animal-lovers, no trip is complete without a few hours spent among the wild green monkeys of the Welchman Haii Gully.

Rum Capital
Diving, hiking and all types of surfing enjoy an immense popularity throughout the island, and for those feeling less inclined to exertion, Barbados is one of the worlds capitals for top-quality rum: a private tour around the Mount Gay distillery will set the pace for a lazy, indulgent day.

Barbados Area Information

  • Barbados Dollar (BBD)
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