Belize Luxury Yachting Guide

Nestled between the dense, lush jungles of Central America and the crystalline brilliance of the Caribbean Sea, the coastal country of Belize is truly blessed. With over 40% of the country protected, the rich emerald forests and hills are as unforgettable as the sprawling beaches of bone-white sand and cerulean waters.

The country of Belize is a place of unimaginable beauty, rich history and vibrant cultures. Bursting with exotic marine life amid glorious reefs, majestic ruins among dense jungle and an overall atmosphere of natural indulgence and relaxation, Belize is one of the outstanding jewels of the Americas.

Once thick with mahogany trees, the motto of the Belizean flag makes reference to its faded giants, Sub Umbra Florero or ‘Under the shade, I flourish’. With the loss of much of these mighty trees, Belizeans have learned to respect and protect what is naturally theirs.

Environmental awareness has become paramount and the inhabitants have made great use of solar energy and reclaimed hardwoods, along with offering guides who will not only direct travellers but educate them about the fragile coral reefs and endangered jaguar’s habitat. Relaxed and hospitable, Belizeans are a generous people, eager to share the staggering bounty of their incredible country.

Kayaks slip from island to islet, snorkellers bob above the array of brilliant marine life, explorers discover the hidden majesty of temples half-buried in the verdant forests, twitchers track some of the 570 species of exotic birds and naturalists immerse themselves in the breath-taking natural beauty of the many nature reserves. Belize offers every kind of adventure to those intrepid travellers willing to exert the effort to discover it for themselves.

Belize City
While Belize City is the largest in Belize, the capital is now the city of Belmopan as Belize City was ferociously damaged by 1961’s Hurricane Hattie. Belize City offers the largest selection of boutique hotels, premier restaurants and high-end shopping though to come to Belize for urban pleasures seems unnatural as the most exquisite destinations within Belize involve its natural bounty.

Historic Sites
Travellers interested in Mayan culture have come to the epicentre, with a profusion of ancient temples as well as an inland tribe of native Mayans. Altun Ha and Lamanai hold magnificent ruins surrounded by dense jungle, though Lamanai is accessible only by boat.

Actun Tunichil Muknal is touted as ‘an adventure into the underworld to discover ancient relics of the Mayans religious ceremonies.’ Tikal was the monarch of the Mayan civilization and is encircled by a national park teeming with native life. Caracol was once a powerful city-state and is now an impressive archaeological site set deep within the immense Belize jungles.

Marine Pleasures
Divers and snorkelers will enjoy the underwater ecosystem of sharks and rays at the Hol Chan Marine Reserve or the experience of Glover’s Reef with its diminutive collection of islands surrounding a lagoon rich with marine life. Placencia also offers opportunities for marine pleasures, though its beaches beckon to enthusiastic sun-seekers, as does the rustic village of Caye Caulker. Long Caye is the perfect destination for eco-warriors: a private eco-island community adhering to a lifestyle of minimal environmental impact.



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