Yacht Selection

As an aspiring owner, there is nothing more important than ensuring you select the right yacht for you, whether you desire one for business or pleasure. Superyachts can be whatever you wish them to be, from five-star holiday vessels and entertaining platforms to mobile offices and business investments. When deciding on your dream purchase there are a few integral questions that need answering before you can start your superyacht search. Explore the information below, designed to cast some light on your purchasing options, to help determine the superyacht you desire.

Yacht Type

Perhaps the most basic and founding questions to be answered is what type of superyacht will suit the image you have in mind. These types vary in size, suitability, power and style and the choice is completely yours.

Motor Yacht

These modern, high powered vessels come in many different sizes and can be built to match any length requirement. Due to their high speed capabilities, they are favourable if you are looking to explore much of the world by sea, while their spaciousness is perfect for including a large amount of onboard facilities, conducting business, or entertaining large parties on deck. These superyachts are also capable of being built to more individualistic designs.

Sailing Yacht

Available as a motor sailer or in simple classic style, these vessels are more about genuine sailing in relaxing surroundings. They have a more natural feel at sea and can often be raced competitively. Their on-deck space is smaller than that of motor yachts, so modern comforts are focused in the interior. A labour of love, historic classic yachts can often be expertly restored to personal specifications to rejoin the yachting elite.


If safety and stability are a main concern and you plan to do some serious sailing aboard your superyacht, catamarans are a popular choice. Their ability to safely cruise in shallow waters makes them perfect for docking in a large range of destinations.

Yacht Build

Once you have decided which type of superyacht you desire, there is the question of how you would like it to be built. There are generally three categories of superyachts from which to choose from, each offering different degrees of design freedom and individuality, but with the same attention to detail and emphasis on luxurious comfort. Some owners may prefer an existing superyacht they can call their own immediately, while others are happy to wait anywhere from a few months to a few years for their custom or semi-custom creation to be fit to sail. The choice is yours.

Existing Yachts

Purchasing an already completed yacht means it is available for immediate use and can be thoroughly viewed before a decision is made. The purchase of a completed yacht can also include an array of equipment, onboard facilities, water toys and other existing features. You can negotiate within the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) for what will be included in the sale. Although the original design of another, these creations can easily undergo various levels of refit to provide the individuality you require.

Custom Yachts

Browsing the yachts on Superyachts.com is an invaluable way to determine which ship builders, designers and naval architects will best deliver your dream vessel. You may choose to approach the shipyard of choice and work on creating a superyacht design together with your desired architect and designers, or bring your own blueprints from an independent designer. If you present a shipyard with independent blueprints, you should ensure the specifications are highly detailed to avoid any personal interpretation by the chosen builder. Most shipyards will have a preferred naval architect and interior designer they choose to work with, but if you have your own preferences, be sure to voice these to the builders. The contracts with these parties should be incorporated into a single build agreement, to ensure all are aware of the same specifications and desires.

Semi-Custom Yachts

Somewhat a mid-way point between existing and custom built, semi-custom superyachts combine the faster delivery and pre-tested designs of existing models with the larger degree of design freedom and individuality of custom models. Many ship builders offer a range of superyacht design structures that carry different models in various sizes, lengths and styles. These models basically provide a hull structure on which prospective owners can build, making changes to suit their individual preferences, from length additions, exterior colours, deck features and interior design. If you can find a superyacht within a builder’s range that possesses the basic features you desire, the road to constructing your dream superyacht is that much shorter.