Cambodia Luxury Yachting Guide

The ancient wonder of Cambodia is sure to astound: offering a wealth of luxurious opportunities, wild adventure and exotic experiences this is one jungle paradise that should never be missed. From cloud-capped mountain peaks to ivory shores where green palms bend low over the serene, cerulean waves that teem with life, Cambodia is a majestic paradise.

From the austere majesty of Angkor Wat to the brutal truth of Tuol Sleng, Cambodia is an enthralling patchwork of beauty, cruelty and vitality. It is an intoxicating land where the promise of the future is helping to lift the depression of past horrors.

Cambodia is an exotic bastion of mystery and rich culture intertwined with luxurious aesthetics that make it hard to surpass or forget time spent in this verdant landscape. Seductively natural, this is one of the world’s last true bastions of paradise where un-contrived beauty abounds.

Phnom Penh
Phnom Penh is Cambodia’s capital city and home to a wondrous bounty of culture and economic wealth. Golden rays glint off the spires of the royal palace while down below, the crimson-robes of monks intertwine with swirls of amiable faces and the swish of innumerable bicycles. Vibrant and vital, this humble gem on the banks of the mighty Mekong is on the way up as investors flood into the area, bringing with them cosmopolitan sentiments and wealth enough to gild both the streets and the skyline.

For white sand beaches and tropical islands, the main port city of Cambodia, Sihanoukville, is the ideal destination. Home to Cambodia’s principal deep-water maritime port, this is a perfect base for exploring the lush islands nestled in the blue-green waters just off the coast. The laid-back, bucolic atmosphere of this diminutive village is perfect for those travellers hoping to sink into an easy, water-front retreat of simple pleasures.

Koh Dek Koule Island
Koh Dek Koule Island is an exquisite jewel resting in the tranquil waters of Siam Bay, rich in Khmer culture and cuisine offered in a setting of tropical opulence. Plush and luxurious, this island gives itself up wholly to indulgence and the little extravagances that make time in the tropics so precious. Thick with jungle and teeming with marine life, this is a destination well-suited for outdoor enthusiasts and pleasure-seekers alike.