Capri Luxury Yachting Guide

Capri is a true romantic’s dream, all stunning scenery, shimmering sunsets and magical grottoes bathed in the deep blue of the Mediterranean Sea. Captivating and charismatic, it is impossible not to be swept up in the rugged beauty of this Italian town and its chic way of life.

Perched dramatically over the Tyrrhenian Sea on Italy's west coast, this dainty island is a striking combination of rugged coastline surrounding a deep mountainous heart. Capri has been luring visitors to its seductively coined Siren Coast for centuries, and today continues to attract the world's jet-set with its turquoise seas, sophisticated shopping and luxurious resorts.

Capri Town
The bustling capital of Capri Town sits on the east of the island, demanding attention with its tempting mix of smart trattorias, over-flowing galleries and boutique-riddled side streets. Customised treasures abound in Capri, where artistic jewellery and locally-sourced perfumes grace the elegant shop-fronts. After dark, the stylish town centre buzzes with a vibrant nightlife scene, especially in the popular Piazza Umberto where sumptuous dining venues and thriving cafes fill the colourful streets.

To the west, sitting high on Monte Solaro, is the quieter oasis of Anacapri, noted for its understated charm and nonpareil bay view. This sun-bathed southern corner boasts peaceful sunbed-strewn beaches, where visitors seeking solitude can enjoy a private patch of sand. Anacapri is also a paradise for discovering unique crafts, pottery and fine local food and wine. The artistic heart of Capri, this charming town hosts some unbelievable works, both in the halls of rustic galleries and amongst the intriguing architecture.



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