Cayman Islands Luxury Yachting Guide

Surrounded by the dazzling Caribbean Sea, the Cayman Islands are a naturalist’s paradise boasting verdant landscapes, crystalline waters of superb clarity, rare indigenous species and dramatic coral reefs. Combined with a sultry climate, the Cayman Islands are the premier choice for a holiday rich in marine exploration and adventure.

Offering more to the discerning traveller than the offshore financial industry it is notorious for, these are authentic tropical enclaves, full of countless treasures on both land and sea. Resting in the glorious Caribbean Sea just south of Miami and consisting of three islands, Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman, this is a lush island country with abundant opportunities.

All three islands are composed of curious limestone outcroppings of the submarine mountain range known as the Cayman Ridge. Due to the porous nature of the limestone rock, the islands lack river runoff which gives the surrounding waters exceptional clarity, with visibility over 120 crystalline feet. Diving in the Caymans is an intensely rewarding adventure with thriving coral reefs topping dramatic walls and breathtaking drop-offs, all of which lie close to the shore and are prefect for enthusiastic divers of all levels.

Grand Cayman
The Cayman Islands are a duty-free destination, and Grand Cayman, the largest of the islands at 76 square miles, is the hub: everything from perfume to ancient coin treasure can be purchased. Grand Cayman keeps itself on the cutting-edge with regards to up-and-coming designers, and offers many opportunities to stock up along with an outstanding collection of local art and boutique shops. There is also the sprawling Grand Harbour Centre which offers every possible amenity an intrepid traveller could want.

Cayman Brac
Cayman Brac is the second largest island of this archipelago at 14 square miles, and is home to the most grandiose landscape of the three. Though Grand Cayman and Little Cayman are almost completely flat, Cayman Brac boasts a majestic promontory which runs from east to west along the island’s length. Ending in a sheer cliff, this is one of the most beautiful of the rare bluff aspects within the Caribbean. Numerous caves are carved into this mysterious natural attraction, and are intriguing hollows to investigate.

Little Cayman
Little Cayman is the smallest of the Caymans at a diminutive 10 square miles: a true naturalists paradise, this is the home of Caribbean’s largest population of the Red Footed Booby, and the Booby Pond Reserve is a RAMSAR site dedicated to protecting this captivating species along with its precious nesting sites. Little Cayman is also home to the Bloody Bay Wall Marine Park, which is known to be one of the world’s best dive sites, and home to the vibrant and varied sea-life intrinsic to the lush Caribbean Sea.

One of the most arresting things about the Cayman Islands is the swirl of mystery that surrounds them, as they rest in some of the worlds deepest waters. Between the Cayman Islands and nearby Jamaica lies the deepest part of the Caribbean: the Cayman Trough which is over 4 miles deep. South of the Caymans is the Bartlett Deep, where depth of over 18,000 feet have been recorded in the past. Whether you love to scuba dive, snorkel or sport fishing, you will not find the marine life of the Cayman Islands lacking in any way.

Cayman Islands Area Information

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