Chile Luxury Yachting Guide

As the longest country in the world, you can be sure that this South American marvel is full of exceptional opportunities and hedonistic pursuits from the arid deserts of Atacama to the icy glaciers in the Straits of Magellan. Throw in the tremendous Andes Mountains and the glistening South Pacific Ocean and there is no escaping the yachting allure of Chile.

The Chilean west coast is a breathtaking trip of mountains, glaciers, inlets and islands that demand attention from the yachts that cruise their midst.

Punta Arenas
Punta Arenas is the capital of this Magallanes province and the gateway for visiting such destinations as the archipelago of Tierra del Fuego, the Beagle Channel, Isla Navarino, Cape Horn and Antarctica. This tiny port town is Chile as it used to be and offers visitors a slice of traditional Latin American flavour amongst dramatic settings. Further south, cruising the wintery waters into the Strait of Magellan brings flocks of penguins and gleaming glaciers.

Lying above this region is the thriving maritime city of Valparaíso that seems to rise straight from the sea, bringing with it a spattering of pastel-coloured houses, art galleries, museums and fine restaurants. This town is a hot spot for Chilean artists, writers and poets and consequently hosts a flourishing art scene you cannot help but become enthralled in.

Close by is the fashionable seaside resort of Viña del Mar, whose soft powdery beaches, expansive promenades and elaborate mansions make it a lovely day trip.

Arctic Patagonia
Although many think of Chile as a warm holiday destination, in the winter months Chile’s coldest destinations becomes its hottest as the luxury ski resorts and chalets fill with skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts in the Arctic Patagonia region. La Parva and Portillo are long-standing luxury ski resort favourites located not far from the capital of Santiago. For some time spent ashore, these classy and exclusive Chilean getaways are the perfect on land escape.

Easter Island
Located just over 3,000 kilometres off the west coast of Chile is the legendary Easter Island, famous for its moai; a collection of more than 600 massive figures sculpted from volcanic-rock. Known as one of the most isolated and mysterious places on Earth, some have suggested Easter Island is the remnant of a lost continent, and with its intriguing display of rock and wood carvings, crafts, tattooing, dance and music, it is a true paradise for nature, history and culture buffs alike.



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