China Luxury Yachting Guide

Long defined by golden dynasties, ancient traditions and colourful festivals, China is quietly beginning to find its feet as a true yachting powerhouse. Bold and innovative, this immense region of city and country is an absolute living gallery of art and lifestyle that would take more than a lifetime to truly explore.

From the urban charisma of Shanghai and the cultural pull of Beijing to the peaceful tropical escape of Hainan Island, China is a destination for the true traveller. Nowhere else in the world offers quite the same mix of discovery and indulgence, where days spent exploring the Great Wall and Forbidden City meet those spent wandering terraced hillsides, dramatic gorges and mighty rivers.

The capital of Beijing captivates from the second it comes into view; an imposing city of elaborate temples, glorious gardens and bustling streets, crowned by all the worldly wonder of the Great Wall of China. Accessed by the energetic port of Xingang, Beijing has long stood as the cultural heart of China and has all the monuments, parks and palaces to prove it.

Further south is the intriguing city of Shanghai, one of the largest in the world and also one of the most engaging. A fortuitous city rich in adventure and colourful, cosmopolitan scenery, Shanghai’s charming spot on the South China Sea makes it a perfect anchorage point on any luxury yachting vacation. Crisscrossed with rivers and bursting with atmospheric markets, designer shopping strips, eastern temples and engrossing museums, the city is home to the country’s most glamorous, cosmopolitan and open people. Shanghai also acts as the gateway to the amazing force of China’s longest river, the Yangtze.

Hainan Island
Occupying its own expanse in the South China Sea, Hainan Island is an exquisite green gem unlike any other Chinese region. Blessed with the same crystal waters and velvet beaches of any tropical paradise, the island boasts an impressive array of first-class hotels alongside opulent restaurants and brilliant golf courses.



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