Cook Islands Luxury Yachting Guide

A castaway’s dream come true, the Cook Islands offer solitude and serenity in a breathtaking landscape existing nowhere else in the world. Rugged mountain peaks, lush jungle and diamond-white sands of the finest powder are all offered to the intrepid traveller willing to traverse the crystalline South Pacific Ocean encircling this glorious archipelago.

The islands that compose the group known as the Cook Islands are home to a dichotomous landscape: the northern group are coral atolls while the southern group are volcanic. From taro plantations to tranquil fishing villages, each island is home to a unique atmosphere that never strays far from simply being an authentic and remarkable Pacific experience. 

Local Life
Enjoying a rich lifestyle deeply entwined a vibrant Polynesian culture, the genial locals exude warmth, happiness and respect, when you can find them. Composed of 15 islands spread over 240 square kilometres of the gorgeous Pacific, the inhabitants number around nineteen thousand and are scattered among the numerous atolls.

Named after the first lucky European to set eyes on this radiant net of land and sea, Capt. James Cook, the Cooks remain self-governed and completely self-reliant, retaining all the vivid customs and venerated traditions of their past.

The jewel in the Cook Islands crown has to be its rural capital, Rarotonga. Home to several quaint resorts, this is the most developed of the Cook Islands, though by West Med standards it would be regarded as provincial and rustic.

Boasting several boutiques and shops, the crowning glory of the Cook Islands is their black pearl production, which come from Penrhyn and Manihiki, but are sold on Rarotonga. The most rare of all pearls, these luminous treasures are produced to the optimum standard on these gentle islands and should not be ignored.

Aitutaki is a hook-shaped atoll known as Rarotonga’s engaging sister with azure lagoons, glorious coral reefs teeming with a kaleidoscope of tropical fish along with the ubiquitous bone-bleached island beaches. The contrast of dazzling white sands against the deep cerulean of the Pacific Ocean is a startling display sure to prompt a million digital and mental snapshots.

Perfect for the discerning traveller with discovery on their mind, the Cook Islands reward a meandering spirit. Sail from island to island, anchor off a desert atoll with waters rich in diverse marine life or simply discover the true weight of silence when you glide within the verdant walls of this resplendent paradise.

Cook Islands Area Information

  • Cook Islands New Zealand Dollar (NZD)
  • Pacific/Honolulu(GMT-10:00) Hawaii-10

Cook Islands

Cook Islands

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