Corsica Luxury Yachting Guide

Nestled on the western side of the luminous Mediterranean, Corsica is ablaze with year-round sunshine, opulent silver-sand beaches and spectacular mountain scenery. A rugged mountain range spans almost two thirds of this majestic island, creating a backdrop of sheer natural beauty that is breathtaking to behold.

Described by Balzac as ‘a French island basking in the Italian sun”, the vibrant allure of both French and Italian culture resonate throughout the island. The major areas of interest on Corsica are Ajaccio and the west coast, the peninsula of Cap Corse to the north, and the southern tip known as L’Extreme Sud. Each offers rare opportunities for the discerning traveller, from sporting events to cultural festivals, all in a relaxed and relaxing atmosphere.

Offering some of Corsica’s most impressive scenery, the area of Ajaccio and the Valinco Gulfs on the west side of the island is teeming with history. The chic seaside town of Ajaccio lies sheltered at the foot of wooded hills on the Northern shore of the Gulf. The harbour, Port Tino Rossi, lies to the east of town and can accommodate up to 300 vessels with a maximum length of 50m. With its mild climate, Ajaccio draws visitors to its Place Bonaparte in both the winter and summer seasons.

Continuing along the western coast, Corsica’s closest port to France is Calvi. Offering the most sizeable accommodations on the island with 200 berths allowing vessels up to 60m, this steep, rock-paved town enjoys a busy fishing industry along with being the hub for Corsica’s fruit export.

St. Florent
St.Florent is a bustling waterfront town whose beauty and style have renamed it the Corsican St.Tropez. St.Florent is home to excellent fish restaurants, an ageless quartier of lovely homes, and a sheltered bay leading to long stretches of sandy beach. Port de St. Florent boasts 800 berths capable of accommodating vessels up to 40m. Many of St.Florent’s most breath-taking coves and beaches are accessible only by boat, and as such, are completely unspoiled.

Cap Corse
Cap Corse is the Northern outcropping peninsula of Corsica, and is sometimes called the island within the island. With its stunning and varied scenery, it is well worth the effort to discover, by land or by sea, the west coast of Cap Corse rising from St.Florent with its gorgeous desert views, as well as the mountains of Haute Corse as you proceed down into Bastia

The second largest town on the island, Bastia is a busy commercial centre and the capital of Haute Corse. The Place St. Nicolas lies at the city’s heart, and the town itself is intersected from North to South by a boulevard called La Treverse. With lively markets, pebble beaches and an ornithological reserve, Bastia offers an unforgettable experience for every traveller. Port St.Nicolas is the hub marina, offering several hundred berths for yachts up to 50m.

L’Extreme Sud
At the southern tip of Corsica lies the area known as L’Extreme Sud, with its main marina, Port de Bonifacio. This is Corsica’s southernmost port with 450 berths, up to 50m in length, and offering easy access to nearby Sardinia.

Corsica Area Information

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