Denmark Luxury Yachting Guide

Denmark is a seductive combination of picturesque rurality, stunning lakes, dazzling white-sand beaches and sophisticated cities all in a gregarious and inviting setting. The dichotomous landscape of ultra-modern design and medieval architecture abounds with exciting opportunities for intrepid outdoor enthusiasts and pleasure seekers alike.

Though it is the smallest Scandinavian country, Denmark is a sprawling success in the worlds of design, the arts, cuisine and architecture. Accompanied by their effortlessly cool style, Danes enjoy a tranquil environment of introspective, peaceful happiness, no matter the town or city.

Two such lively towns are Ribe and Odense, though many travellers miss these gems in their devotion to Copenhagen. Home to the renowned Tivoli Gardens Amusement Park, this sprawling attraction has been a favourite with locals and visitors alike since 1843. The annual summer music festival in Roskilde is also popular with travellers, and is one of the largest outdoor concerts in Europe.

World-renowned for the quality of their cheese and butter, Denmark’s capital of Copenhagen boasts the most Michelin-starred restaurants of any Scandinavian capital, though the entire region is blessed with establishments serving an exciting menu executed to the highest standard. This goes for diminutive cafés as well as the exclusive epicurean havens that dot the hotspots of Denmark's largest cities.

For outdoor enthusiasts, Denmark is a land of plenty. Cycling is a popular national pastime and the entire country is strewn with thousands of kilometres of well-kept cycle routes. Swimming, windsurfing, fishing and yachting are also enjoyed as Denmark is surrounded almost entirely by water, and regards itself as a true maritime nation. Taking strong measures to keep their coastlines clean, Denmark rewards travellers with its numerous unspoiled beaches, many of them glittering with fine white sands.

The natural areas of Denmark are stunning, much of it untouched by development or, at most, dotted by brigades of immense wind turbines. Venturing into the lush centre, travellers will find huge beech forests, extensive heathland, a breathtaking district of crystalline lakes and white cliffs to rival those of Dover. Acting as a stepping-stone between Central Europe and Scandinavia, Denmark is an impeccable example of a prosperous, modern country that many other have, unsuccessfully, attempted to model themselves after.

Denmark Area Information

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