Popular Destinations

With their glittering beaches and crystalline water bursting with vibrant marine life, it should come as no surprise that the locales below are the most popular in the world. Perfect most months out of the year, these dazzling sun-soaked idylls are the ultimate destinations for delicious relaxation.

Bahamas & Carribean

Brilliant white sands meet with the luminous turquoise Caribbean Sea beneath the radiant West Indian sun.

West Mediterranean

A region of heart-stopping beauty and character-defining culture, the West Mediterranean positively sparkles.

East Mediterranean

The radiant cultural melding of East and West which beats with a vibrant pulse of intrigue and discovery.

Indian Ocean

An ornate mix of luminous sea and vivid landscapes, the Indian Ocean is a sumptuous feast for the eyes.

South East Asia

Breathtaking island chains where emerald seas lap rocky shores and the sultry atmosphere clings close.

South Pacific

Reefs of unimaginable artistry weave ribbons of colour through oceans of hypnotizing blue.