Our Top 10 Lists

For infinite underwater discoveries, from the ideal spots for reef-diving to snorkelling the ocean hotspots of the world, our top 10 list of azure activities have it all. Packed with all the information locals possess, our listings will send you to some of the most remote ocean wonders, inviting you to discover an exhilarating selection of Top 10 underwater activities.


Top 10 Beaches

Crystalline waves of the deepest blue crash on shores of the silkiest bone-white sands beneath a sky of the purest azure: the world’s best beaches await you.

top ten snorkling

Top 10 Snorkeling

Discover a hidden paradise of charismatic colour and dream-like marine life in the glistening seas of these snorkelling hotspots.

top ten diving spots

Top 10 Diving Spots

Explore a world beneath the waves in these remarkable regions of pure underwater artistry, just a jump from the yacht deck.

Top 10 Shopping

From the hottest designs of the moment to the newest styles straight from a soon-to-be-global unknown, we’ve got the inside track on the world’s ultimate shopping districts.

Top 10 Sightseeing

From the cutting-edge skylines of the jewels of the East to the ancient cities with treasures abounding, the ultimate sights of both the old world and the new await those with discovery on their minds.

Top 10 Nightlife

Exquisite restaurants, vibrant bars and glitzy after-dark adventures make these destinations positively sparkle when the sun sets.