Top 10 Shopping

When it comes to the glistening shores of the world’s most famed destination, shopping is most always entirely on the agenda.

Whether mooring in or anchoring out, these luxury boutiques, unique regional finds and couture corners of the world are the Top 10 retail spots that waiting to be discovered.

1. Cannes

A chic playground for film stars and festivals, Cannes is synonymous with bygone hollywood glamour. Today, a glitzy hub for all things leisurely, designer boutiques are thrown in at a hefty dosage. Their flagship location La Croisette, hosts all the haute-couture boutiques such as Chanel, Dior and Yves-Saint-Laurent, as well as bustling side streets for off-the-cuff interior design finds perfect as an illustrious momentum of your visit. Venture to the “Carré d’Or” for bespoke jewelers and finish a day at a style studded bars for a Martini. For a scenic route, venture along La Bocca where you can reside at beach du Midi for a sun drenched afternoon.

2. St Barths

Gustavia’s Rue De La Republique is well and truly the retail soul of St Barths. Plush boutiques dot the three major shopping streets with Quai de la République, offering views to the harbour that gives the capitals of Europe a run for their money. From Hermes to Chopard (just to name a few), the region’s duty-free port, idyllic for tax free shopping has a real pull-factor for those looking for off-list designer pieces, found best at Carré d'Or plaza. Admire the charming stone buildings that remain from the Swedish era, which give Gustavia the colonial character with a Caribbean palette, an authentic corner to be enjoyed.

3. Dubai

Identified as the world’s largest shopping centre is Dubai Mall, where subtlety is hardly on the agenda. The retail monster of the Emirates hosts more than 60 high-end boutiques from Chloé to Chanel, and allows visitors a medley of beauty, accessories and apparel, beckoning locals and visitors alike. When you have shopped till you’ve dropped, visit their endless selection of entertainment. From an ice skating rink, to a Virtual Reality Park and aquarium, the mall has an infinite array of awe-inspiring to-do lists. Rummage well and you’ll discover local gems such as apparel by regional designers where local craftsmanship lends you a treasured keepsake truly worth savouring.

4. Xintiandi, Shanghai

The fashionista epicentre of Shanghai is Xintiandi; a district that attracts worldly style crowds from all corners of the world. With designers OF Shanghai’s presence growing rapidly at fashion events in Paris, London and New York, the mall offers homegrown talent a platform perfect for boasting regionally designed pieces who has dressed the stars. From Guo Pei, to staple brands such as Vera Wang, the Chinese high fashion designers dominate this space. As the pearl of downtown Shanghai, is on all the locals hip-lips, this shopping district has just gone international.

5. Porto Cervo, Sardinia

When the city scapes of Milan, New York and London have been done in their dozens, the most prestigious fashion houses and exclusive jewelers take reign at the glistening shores of Porto Cervo, Sardinia. From Bulgari and Dolce & Gabbana, to Versace and Valentino, a paradisal afternoon awaits you, with the landscape to match. Porto Cervo’s antique cotto tiled streets, ocean facing views to the Piazza Rossa, or locally named “Sottopiazza”, offer the idyllic boutiques and ateliers. Spend an afternoon browsing in this chic Mediterranean hotspot, before residing into the sun-kissed shores for an aperitif.

6. Puerto Rico

From dense jungle emerging from its landscape, to pristine beaches bursting in technicolour, it is no doubt yachties make the natural habitat of Puerto Rico their first port of call. The second, most unknowingly Purto Rico’s best kept secret ; Saks Fifth Avenue in the Mall of San Juan. When the adventure stops and the shop begins, visitors can enjoy all the imported commercial character of New York’s flagship with an island twist. A diverse mix of luxury brands from Stella McCartney to Roberto Cavalli offer a secret in the secret: the malls shoe salon. When Puerto Rico’s shoe scene has been conquered, venture back into the terrain, to Playa Flamenco beach, one of the regions bucket-list beach destinations.

7. Porto Montenegro

The rustic Eastern Med has a rugged glamour unlike anywhere else, and Montenegro is no exception. When the magic of its natural splendour, beach-chic eateries and standout vantage points have been ticked-off, there is Porto Montenegro’s Marina Village, the Eastern Med’s answer to hot-off the rail fashion. From the classic tailors of MaxMara to the seasonal leathers of Philip Plein, their resort collections stand out from the Mediterranean crowd with a multifaceted array of ready-to-wear beach pieces. Concept stores too offer the cutting-edge couture pieces without a moment’s delay to wear, so you can take to the tides in style on your Eastern Mediterranean adventure.

8. St. Thomas

Bustling, lively, and a real treat amongst the Virgin Islands, is St. Thomas. When the culinary delights of the Caribbean, thriving art-scene and blushing beaches have been exhausted, Yacht Haven Grande is the waterfront marina development that includes all the shopping hotspots you could dream. High-end boutiques form the likes of Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Bulgari, offer sumptuous on-trend pieces straight off the catwalk. At high season, enjoy the regularly scheduled outdoor concerts, to close a day of couture-hunting in the Caribbean with island entertainment. Still aching for more? Pop over to neighbouring islands St. Croix and St. John who’s hot stock on the rails won’t disappoint.

9. Monaco

A key player in the Cote d’Azure, Monaco’s stunningly quaint boutiques cluster across the region, turning an afternoon of luxury pampering into a sport. A major district housing the dazzling designer brands such as Piaget, Lanvin, Boucheron Paris and Dior surround the Place du Casino., Before a gourmet servings both on and off your yacht, bejewel before fine dining in style, facing the pristinely groomed Casino Gardens. Prepping and pruning with a dash of retail therapy offers the most enticing way to end a summer in the South of France to remember.

10. Barcelona, Spain

When it comes to luxury shopping in Barcelona, one shopping location lives up to its name; Passeig de Gracia. Discover Santa Eulalia, a once haute couture line that now hosts a prêt-à-porter selection that will bring a dash of old-world glamour to your shopping trip. From the fiercely glamorous pieces of Stella Mccartney to the silhouettes of Valentino, the design house roots back centuries and offers an on-trend insight into the fresh off the runway styles home to Barcelona. End your day admiring the architecture of Gaudí that commands the boulevards, with a weight lift of shopping bags in hand and the beckoning beach at sunset, making Barcelona truly worth wandering.