Top 10 Sightseeing

With charter allowing adventures to every edge of the earth and explorer yachts giving rise to world travel, the opportunities for global sightseeing are now limitless.

The Norwegian Fjords is one of our top picks for something a little different, but if you're looking for endless activity in the Med, there are a number of classic yet cultured destinations to keep you occupied.

1. The Cyclades, Greece

The Cyclades are famed for their electric blue-domed houses and scatterings of white-washed buildings that offer views of the most Instagram-worthy sunsets in the Med. However, there’s much more on offer than just sun, sea and sand (although this comes in abundance). If you look a little closer, you’ll find historic windmills and churches, each worth exploring. Landscapes also differ dramatically from island to island, with the more popular Santorini, Ios and Mykonos offering exclusive hotels, bars and restaurants, and the lesser-known offering hot springs, dramatic cliff sides and more authentic Greek culture.

2. Norwegian Fjords

If you haven’t heard about them already, the Norwegian Fjords are the next big thing when it comes to travel. More than 1000 of them sit along Norway’s dramatic coastline forming the most picture-perfect postcard outside of the Maldives. Unlike anything ever seen before, far from the beaten track, the fjords – or saltwater lakes actually acting as arms of the sea – reach deep inland with majestic cliffs towering above on both sides. The resulting landscape consists of massive waterfall, glaciers and mountain sides in all shades of green. Secluded and peaceful, the Norwegian Fjords not only provide adventure but a wild solstice unlike anywhere else.

3. Montenegro

Hidden between majestic mountains and characterful coastline lie the sleepy medieval towns of Montenegro; providing a secretive slice of Adriatic bliss for all to explore. A lesser known land in the Eastern Med, the country has recently grown in popularity, with its diverse landscape, rich history and a plethora of new openings coming from ripe investment. Whether you enjoy exploring the wilderness, getting out into nature or admiring glistening stretches of coastline, Montenegro has it all, without the crowds. New marina investments also mean there won’t be a shortage of berths or a modern backdrop next to which to moor.

4. Sicily & Aeolian Islands

Just off Sicily's north east coast, the Aeolian Islands sit quietly, forming a lesser-travelled Italian coastline and offering the ultimate Mediterranean playground. The diversity of nature’s offerings here is wide; whether you’re a foodie or an adventurer, or both, there’s plenty on show. Volcanic landscape thrills the inner-adrenaline seeker, while local wines and vineyards keep indulgences at bay. The Aeolian Islands are an off the beaten-track-adventure with all the luxuries of Italy but in subtler doses.

5. Mexico

Palm-fringed white beaches, a buzzy night scene and delicious, world-renowned cuisine; Mexico has everything you need for a memorable charter and more. Whether it’s kicking back on Isla Mujeres, or swimming with whale sharks, there are endless opportunities for entertainment both on land and at sea. The country is also stepped with colonial-era, Mayan ruins well worth a visit. Chichen Itza, in fact is known to be a wonder of the world. However, if present-day is more your thing, Mexico’s diverse landscape and jungles will give you an alternative environment in which to lose yourself.

6. The Bahamas

Somewhere between Florida’s fantastical coastline and the Atlantic Ocean, The Bahamas’ combination of 700 islands and 2,400 cays are playground to explore. On the edge of the Caribbean they provide the perfect marriage of their neighbouring countries most charming characteristics. From mouthwatering cuisine to the world’s best beaches and of course, networks of sandy islands, each brimming with nature in its own unique way. While expansive resorts provide high-end hideouts, stripped back and barefoot is the best way to transverse this enchanted archipelago.

7. Barcelona, Spain

In a balanced equilibrium between skyline and seaside, Barcelona is one of the most unique cityscapes in the world. Visiting this Catalan center, you’ll find relaxation and a laid-back, beach-chic vibe just seconds from the vibrant sights of the main city. In addition, the OneOcean Port Vell Marina is just steps from Barcelona’s main tourist attraction, Las Ramblas. So, spend the morning on the beach before an afternoon shopping and early-evening exploring some of Gaudi’s famous architecture and the astonishing Sagrada Familia cathedral, before sipping some sangria and seafood.

8. Thailand

Thailand, in Southeast Asia is a country yet to be discovered by mass charter guests. However, its ultra-tropical beaches, strong sense of monarchy and endless ancient ruins blend to create a unique and varied environment; not to mention the ornate temples that drip in opulence. The capital, Bangkok, is an ultramodern cityscape with shopping, dining and nightlife opportunities aplenty, while the islands to both east and west offer remote, off-the-radar escapes with nature as your own neighbour. Visit the famous ‘Beach’ from the self-titled film, or head to Monkey Bay and make friends with the furry creates; Thailand is an experience never to be forgotten.

9. New Zealand

Although it’s far off the beaten-track, there’s plenty to see in New Zealand to make the journey worth the travel. Offering alternative landscapes - formed by glaciers and volcanoes - to the rest of the world, these far-out islands offer a once in a lifetime appeal. Known for forming the backdrop to the Lord of the Rings films, there’s something wildly seductive about being here. The nature, the culture and the world-class surfing and skiing are sure to keep every family member occupied for however long you decide to stay.

10. Rio, Brazil

Colourful and super-cultured, Rio is a South American hub of activity and adventure. Set by the beautiful brazilian seaside, the city has developed into a metropolis for travellers and the more elite traveller alike. Whether it’s sipping cocktails on famous Copacabana or Ipanema beaches, or taking the cable car up Sugarloaf Mountain for one of the most instagammable views around the globe. Well known for its flamboyant festivals and the Rio Carnival, it’s the perfect place to discover the unknown and discover a new taste of travel.