Weather in Portofino

The Italian Riviera enjoys a lovely, mild climate similar to that of southern Italy thanks to the protection the stretch of coast receives from the Alps and Apennine range. Although like the majority of the west Mediterranean, the Italian Riviera is a pleasant place to visit any time of the year, the best period is April to June. At this time, the days are sunny without being unbearably hot and you can beat the summer flood of tourists.

Mild and delightful is the best way to describe Portofino’s climate. Generally warm and sunny, this tiny town is photo-ready most days of the year. Summer is hot and dry, although the occasional thunderstorm is not uncommon. There are between eight and nine hours of glorious sunshine a day, and the sea is perfect bathing temperature, making the season perfect for sailing. Cooler temperatures don’t really take hold until November, and even then, Portofino can barely be described as cold with maximum temperatures ranging from six to 10 degrees Celsius. The warmth generally returns early for spring, with temperatures climbing back into double digits as in late March.

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