North America is a vast continent home to abundant stretches of coastline waiting to be explored. No other continent can claim such a tantalising multiplicity of cultures, people, landscapes and climates as North America, making a trip to this ‘land of dreams’ an unforgettable experience of a lifetime.

City Escapes
‘The Big Apple’ that is New York City is a must-see for urban-dwellers taking a North America trip. Here, world class marinas meet ‘the city that never sleeps’; streets lined with skyscrapers, designer brands and a disorientating array of boutiques, world class eateries and stylish bars.

For those preferring a more temperature climate and sunnier shores while still seeking a city escape, Miami or Fort Lauderdale in Florida offer a unique urban allure to the yachting aficionado. Up-and-coming marinas and boat shows signal the rise of Florida’s long-cherished yachting scene to the world stage, with Miami being dubbed the ‘Monaco’ of the USA.

The USA’s Capital city, Washington D.C., is steeped in history, famous for its neoclassical architecture popularised by the White House, Capitol and Supreme Court, and home to a plethora of world-class galleries and museums.

Indeed, America’s star-studded shores have certainly earned their esteemed reputation. From the block-buster film releases of Hollywood to the architectural icon of Chicago, America’s city attractions are as diverse as they are world-renowned.

Canada’s major cities include Vancouver, Toronto and Ontario; stunning cityscapes set alongside bustling waterfronts make up their unique appeal. There is nothing quite so breathtaking as seeing a sprawling urban paradise against the backdrop of snow-topped mountains and raw, wild landscape. Welcoming locals, world-renowned dining and a thriving yachting scene completes Canada’s unique urban appeal.

South of the border in Mexico, this desert-laden country is far more than just pristine white beaches and world-class resorts. On the northeast coast of the Yucatan peninsula lies Cancun, famed for its Caribbean lifestyle, turquoise seas and buzzing nightlife. Venture further inland to Mexico City for Aztec temples, baroque architecture and a rich Latin culture to match.

Natural Beauty
North America boasts without doubt some of the most stunning and alluring shores in the world. Often visited for its bustling cities and sites of cultural attraction, the thriving charter scene in North America is often understated on the global stage.

From America’s welcoming and rural Midwest region, home to the glassy waters and fascinating wildlife of the Great Lakes, to the rolling mountains of British Columbia, there is truly something for everyone in North America. Further south, Mexico’s Baja California offers a tempting alternative to the Bahamas for a winter charter escape, combining sunny climates with unspoilt beaches. The Florida Keys is also an ideal cruising ground for a taste of Bohemian lifestyle without having to venture too far from the city.

Further inland in Arizona, the world famous natural wonder that is the Grand Canyon continues to attract millions of visitors year on year, or for those preferring uncharted grounds, Alaska’s glittering lakes and ravines provide a tempting explorer destination in the summer months.