Brimming with incredible wildlife, breathtaking glacial lakes and mesmerising mountains, Alaska is truly and uniquely in a league of its own. Alaska’s isolation is its ultimate appeal; sailing the waters of this amazing region grants access to parts of the world others rarely get to see. The majority of Alaska’s coastline is inaccessible by road, making exploring the region by yacht an incredible opportunity to experience all the beauty of the breathtaking wilderness while surrounded by absolute luxury. And explorer yachting to this idyllic destination is growing in popularity year on year, as the surge of explorer yachts with ice-class hulls become ever more accessible - affirming the statement that the most difficult things to reach in life are often the most worth doing.

Nature’s Wonder
For an ultimate repose to the wonder and beauty of nature, look no further than an Alaskan adventure. This gateway to the Arctic is in itself one of the northernmost regions in the world, meaning its landscape and environment is a little different to traditional holiday destinations. One must-see highlight of Alaska includes the Northern Lights, an ethereal natural solar display visible here between mid-September and late April and peaking in March. The highest chances of viewing this incredible vision are from Alaska’s second largest city of Fairbanks, or above the Arctic circle. On ground there is plenty to see too, and indeed wildlife fanatics travel from far and wide to the alpine state to see witness eagles, bears, whales and seals from the yacht deck for an experience quite unlike any other.

Urban Adventuring
Although Alaska is most commonly regarded as a site of incredible natural beauty, it does boast a charming array of cities for discovering. The stunning capital of Juneau is a sprawling city of hilly terrain, winding streets and colourful character, which also serves as a great jumping-off point for outdoor activities and Alakskan sightseeing. Juneau is completely inaccessible by road, making its unique appeal even more alluring for the adventurous boater. Just south of Juneau lies the city of Ketchikan, a wonderful blend of exciting activities and interesting browsing opportunities in the town centre. The charming Creek Street is a true Alaskan treasure; a delightful row of wooden buildings poised over the water housing bright boutiques and intriguing collections of Northwest totems. The scenic town of Haines is located on the shores of the Lynn Canal within Alaska’s Inside Passage, and is Alaska at its most authentic. Cycle through the fantastic surroundings, play nine-holes on brilliant courses interspersed with salmon and trout streams or visit the impressive Bald Eagle Preserve.

Uncharted Grounds
Despite seeing an upsurge in explorer yachting in recent years, the cruising grounds of Alaska remain very much off the beaten track, uninhabited and remotely wild and beautiful. The famous Inside Passage is a necessary trip for any luxury yachting expedition to Alaska, home to some of the most gorgeous sunsets imaginable and, framed by a frozen forest of glittering glaciers and snow-capped mountains. Sail by the amazing glacier of Le Contre situated just outside of Petersburg, where pieces of its magnificent mass can often be seen breaking and falling into the icy water. The Passage is also home to Admiralty Island, where the largest concentration of Brown Bears in the world can be found, and the United States’ largest National Park can be explored.