With an intriguing Viking history, its culture, cuisines and customs are the most distinguished across Northern Europe. Nowhere on earth is there scenery such as can be found on the breathtaking waters of the Baltic. So much so, superyachts reserve this region for exploration, adventure and discovery, as they search for an enchanting beauty like no where else. 

Baltic Beauty

Although lesser-known than other superyacht destination, the unassuming beauty of its countries make it precious by nature. Countries of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are no less spectacular than their southern Scandinavian neighbours, as they boast rich in natural beauty, historic gems and ancient walkways, there is no better place to disappear in a bygone story of the past. Whether visiting the iconic Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania, the majestic Kurasaare Castle or medieval Old Town Vilnius, it is truly breathtaking and unforgettably unique. 

Russia's Exuberance 

One of the highlights of sailing Northern Europe is becoming immersed in the awe-inspiring spirit of Russia. Fascinating and glamorous all at once, a visit to Russia is just as much an experience as it is a destination. The gilded city of St Petersburg is an absolute treat for the senses, filled with ornate churches and stony streets that give way to a gorgeous countryside where opulent palaces and quieter retreats lie, while Moscow offers the glorious opulence one could only imagine, all wrapped up in dazzling architecture and hospitality.