The lovely trio of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have long been touted as the most beautiful undiscovered region of Northern Europe, but this is destined not to last long. With the face of tourism shifting from the Caribbean and West Mediterranean to less developed and commercial destinations, these three jewels of the Baltic Sea will soon be up for grabs.

Vibrant, vital and more than a little eccentric, the Baltic States are destinations capable of inspiring pure joy and eliciting astonishing experiences.

Like all of the Baltic States, Estonia is a land of gorgeous natural attractions and amazing opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts. Not to be pigeon-holed, Estonia also offers a series of vibrant cities with thriving nightlife, premier restaurants and modern sensibilities.

The capital city of Tallinn is a dichotomy of cobbled streets and avant-garde art galleries, making it an atmospheric retreat for those wanting to indulge in some of the luxurious amenities on offer in this vital and alluring destination.

Boasting glorious slopes in the winter, the southern area of Tartu is perfect for dazzling ski trails and a laid-back attitude.

Sun-seekers need look no further than the west coast: a handsome smattering of exquisite beach towns, glittering white sands and the delicious island of Saaremaa. This charming locale comes equipped with iconic windmills, 19th century lighthouses and pristine beaches, all of it sure to please even the most particular traveller.

Latvia along with its chic capital of Riga have long been in the public eye, but now the changing face of this seductive region is set to draw even more attention to itself. With investors pouring money in, this is one area set to sky-rocket into the exalted realm of Paris and Copenhagen.

Housing half the nation’s population, Riga is a charming mix of stunning art-nouveau architecture, cobbled streets and a glitzy nightlife that attracts a global jet-set crowd. Bursting with stunning natural beauty and home to the quintessentially warm and generous Baltic people, Latvia is a vibrant and enigmatic country on the move.

The largest of the Baltic States, Lithuania is home to a sprawling, unspoiled paradise. Its diminutive capital of Vilnius is big on charm, extraordinarily pretty and enjoying a high standard of living complete with excellent service.

Touted as one of Europe’s most enchanting cities, this baroque town is a quirky and vital destination and bustling with a vibrant population of under 30’s. Outside the enigmatic capital, stunning attractions abound, such as the prehistoric Curonian Spit, the eccentric Hill of Crosses and an intriguing Soviet sculpture park, lending Lithuania a flavour found nowhere else on earth.