Long overlooked as a prominent yachting destination, Africa is quietly earning a dedicated following drawn to its unique lifestyle and unmatchable menagerie of sights, activities and natural wonders.

Egypt & the Red Sea
The northeast is an irresistible landscape of ancient treasures, glowing beaches, world-class diving and luxurious resorts, as the historic country of Egypt hugs the soul-moving Red Sea. Home to some of the most striking scenes on earth, from the mighty Nile River to the majestic pyramids, Egypt is pure awe-inspiring viewing from top to bottom.

Mozambique lies on the southeast of the great continent, tempting discerning travellers with its colourful culture, tropical beaches and excellent fishing. Overflowing with rustic charm, this small part of the world is scattered with a delightful collection of indulgent island oases and coastal resorts, while the archipelagos of Quirimbas and Bazaruto are wonderfully secluded and laid-back for true yachting escapism.

South Africa
At the most southerly tip lies the captivating land of South Africa, home to momentous scenes of natural wonder that provide an enviable backdrop for balmy coastal towns and cosmopolitan cities. From vast expanses of desert and coastline, to amazing animal safari opportunities, this country is a yachting rarity. Glittering Cape Town is an undoubtable highlight, with its picture-perfect blend of gorgeous beaches, rolling vineyards and urban nightlife.

Djibouti is one of the smallest African nations but what it lacks in size it more than makes up for in culture, adventure and pure intrigue. A little bit bazaar but full of character, the country offers an escape to active pursuits, lush coastal stretches and a raucous urban centres.

Known as a vibrant jungle supporting captivating wildlife, Madagascar more than lives up to its myth. An island in the Indian Ocean, it boasts wonderfully serene beaches, warm local hospitality and plenty of opportunity for relaxing island-hopping.

Loud, fiery, and crazily colourful is the African nation of Morocco, home to such famous cities as Casablanca and Marrakech. Here you can find beachfront holidays and mountain retreats as easily as you may encounter lively markets, souks and steamy hammans.