Blending old-world charm with picturesque coastline and stunning greenery, Northern Europe's unique beauty is perfect for a superyacht traveller seeking an alternative scenery to the turquoise and teal that make up the western shores. Whether it's the snowy exploration of Scandinavia, the rolling green hills of the United Kingdom or Norway's glacial beauty, there's nothing quite as enchanting. 

Fjords of Dreams 

UNESCO has long included the fjords of Fjord Norway, in their list, exemplified by the Geirangerfjord and the Nærøyfjord, making it a prestigious member of the World Heritage List. There's no wonder why. The fjords are often described as “nature’s own work of art”, formed when the glaciers retreated and sea water flooded the U-shaped valleys. Gudvangen and Geiranger, the two innermost villages of the Nærøyfjord and the Geirangerfjord, are amongst the most popular superyacht regions in Scandinavia. Thanks to the warm Gulf Stream and air currents caused by the coriolis effect, the Norwegian fjords enjoy a relatively mild climate and remain virtually ice-free. Seals, porpoises and different fish swim in the fjords, whilst eagles and other birds soar in the skies above.

Lush Greenery

Known for its lush greenery, Northern Europe is known for its rolling hills, rare flora and fauna, as well as the best hiking destinations in the world. The Kjeragbolten  hike of Norway, the Skye Island of Scotland and Germany's Black Forest are just a few of the region's outstanding spots for appreciating the natural beauty of Northern Europe. Whether taking on an adventure of adrenaline, reaching mountain peaks of impressive altitude or marveling at the unfolding landscape of an enchanting village, the landscapes of Northern Europe are so perfect, it is as if its plucked from a postcard.

Cities with Charm

Hop off your superyacht at the rustic marinas of Northern Europe and you will soon find you are moments away from cities with character, charm and a cool-edge over it's neighbouring glamour of the Western Mediterranean. Take Germany's Hamburg and Berlin, offering a raw, under-the-radar hotspot for bespoke experiences, while the United Kingdom's capital London, offers a photogenic city backdrop and a centre boasting the most luxurious boutiques in the world, opulent resorts and Michelin star gastronomy.