Each glittering member of the UAE landscape offers something truly spectacular, all while providing a luxurious superyacht base to discovering the Middle East and beyond. Known for its alluring magical landscapes, opulence and luxury, the region is a first choice for superyacht travellers seeking privacy and seclusion, as well as the most extravagant experiences on offer. 

Abu Dhabi & Dubai Magic

The UAE capital Abu Dhabi offers an authentic taste of the UAE. Offering world-class luxury, cutting-edge marinas and natural beauty like no other, the region's city lanscapes and desert sand dunes offer the perfect antithesis on a superyacht escape. From the iconic Corniche Bay offers powder white sands across the glittering city while the natural beauty of the region boasts an allure of its own. The Eastern Mangrove National Park offers the ultimate retreat  into natural wilderness, while Jubail Mangrove Park offers another respite into the nature's arms. Unmissable landscapes include the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque perfect for architectural lovers to marvel at its whitewashed beauty and gold accents. Whether petting camels, falconry or stepping back in time to its historical quarters the authentic beauty of the UAE can be found here, with nothing being compromised for luxury superyacht travellers.

Dubai is a destination with luxurious opulence and larger life experiences. Whether it's the largest building in the world, golden sand dunes and the eagerly anticipated Dubai Marina, there is nothing this glossy region doesn't have to offer. Whether shopping till you drop at the Dubai Mall, staring at the awe-inspiring Dubai’s Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, or being captured by the old-town allure of Dubai Creek, there is nothing this superyacht destination doesn't have to offer.

Gems of the Middle East

While Abu Dhabi and Dubai may be the better known Emirate members, there are also a glistening set of gems aching to be discovered. Ajman is one of them. The smallest of the seven Emirates and centrally located on the western coast of the UAE invites visitors to explore old forts,  diverse artifacts and the iconic Ajman Beach. Fujairah is another jewel of the UAE. Boasting two large cities, that of Diba and Fujairah City, the main attractions in these bustling commercial centres are the buzzing souks and the café’s serving mouthwatering dishes home to the region. For azure seas and pristine sand beaches there is  Ras al-Khaimah where visitors can gaze at the imposing line of the Hajjar Mountains in the distance.

Next there is Sharjah and Umm Al Quwain,  its architectural delights such as the mosque of Qanat al Qasba are a sight to behold. Umm Al Quwain and its lush coastal mangroves are another example of the UAE's hidden treasures. Perfect for exploring a fertile oasis of natural beauty, and bespoke activities such falconery, camel racing and dhow building, it is a must visit.