Considered the birth place of three of the world’s largest religions, namely Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam, Asia is a place of sensational prophets and devout followers. From the sweet perfume of household shrines whose aromas scent the sultry air for hours to the first shrill cries of the morning rooftop muezzin, the beliefs and customs of the Asian world colour every aspect of daily life.

Though many think of Asia as only China, Japan, Taiwan and North/South Korea, in reality the region spreads from the Middle East to the South Pacific. This includes the 6 stoic ‘-stan’s’ of Central Asia, the ‘traditional’ Asian areas along with Mongolia, Hong Kong and Macau making up East Asia, and the many countries of South and Southeast Asia that continue the allure of this lovely and mysterious continent. Having so many diverse nations within its region, Asia has the best of everything that any traveller could want.

The food of Asia is absolutely paramount: from the potent spice of a freshly made Chinese rice dish to the delicate flavour of a roadside Japanese ramen, the tastes of this intensely foodie area will have travellers begging for more.

Sights come thick and fast in Asia, and many of the world’s ‘wonders’ are located here, sometimes nestled beside unknown treasures of comparable beauty. Naturalists and outdoor enthusiasts will adore Asia’s eclectic collection of landscapes and species, with every kind of activity and adventure on offer. Travellers can ski the slopes of the Japanese Alps, power-shop in Shanghai and Hong Kong, or soak up the sun on the indescribably pristine beaches of China’s Hainan Island.

Whether travellers want a trek through steamy jungles and up sheer cliffs, an exotic wildlife safari or a shopping spree of monumental proportions, Asia will be only too happy to oblige with the best that it has to offer.